Radio Northern Europe International Show 11 announcement

Hei all!

I want to start this off wishing all of you a great holiday season, even though I’m too busy to even think about updating this page so Daz did it for me.
RNEI show #11 goes on air for the first time on Sunday the 6th of December! (which has already passed, because I’m a bit slack™)

RNEI #11 features music like:

  • An ABBA sounding song by Steps that I didn’t notice sounded like ABBA
  • Some more funky Icelandic music
  • Another ABBA sounding song by Erika Vikman that distracted me from noticing the first one
  • A *ROCKING* indie track from a Welsh band that sounds like it should be on TIAEMS but I’m gonna play it™
  • A quartet of Danish dance music tracks (that’s four tracks, not tracks by musical quartets)
  • A recycled Cher track, by Anna of the North – Don’t say we aren’t environmentally friendly!

RNEI #11 features extras like:

  • OLIVIA 8-250 (I just felt like doubling the numbers from last month) with now playing information during every song at 5300Hz so none of you can decode it
  • PSK1000R … It doesn’t work well on shortwave, but it’s fast and I hate wasting time sending data (and I love annoying Roger by using PSK on AM)
  • Ham-DRM with an animated HTML playlist that took about three weeks for Daz to manually optimize by clever coding – At least someone is working!
  • Comb stereo encoding (OK, yeah all the shortwave shows have that now)

Important notes: On WRMI the broadcasts are 30 seconds shorter, so expect some minor differences. The version sent to World FM, Unique Radio and later On-Demand will be the “HQ” version, meaning it doesn’t have the Ham-DRM data (because my sensitive girly ears think it sounds nasty) nor does it use the Comb Stereo system.

“This Is An Express Music Show” for December 2020 is also included in our Channel 292 broadcasts and contains a load of great vinyl music and some MFSK64 data!

Due to the shortwave schedule changes, there is no set-in-stone broadcast dates like there usually are so keep an eye on to see when we are expecting RNEI to be broadcast!

QSLs haven’t really moved much since last month, they’ll be done eventually™. Honest!™

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week -?- Yes! Next week!
Roseanna & Daz

PS: Does anyone know how to fix a flakey hot water system?