Welcome to Radio Northern Europe International

Radio Northern Europe International is the radio show bringing you the best new pop, dance and traditional music from Norway 🇳🇴 , the UK 🇬🇧 , Ireland 🇮🇪 , Denmark 🇩🇰 , Sweden 🇸🇪 , Finland 🇫🇮 , Iceland 🇮🇸 , Estonia 🇪🇪 , Latvia 🇱🇻 and Lithuania 🇱🇹 to the world on short-wave!

RNEI shows are a 30 minute journey through a blend of lesser known new music from Northern Europe in various languages and styles finished off with embedded digital-mode playlists and a small amount of talk to keep everything flowing nicely. We try and stick to playing songs released within the last 3 years with under 2 million Spotify streams to make sure the music is fresh!
On our short-wave broadcasts, RNEI gives listeners the opportunity to hear extra content from other fantastic creators.
Currently our broadcast schedule looks like this:

We release a new show on the first Sunday of every month first broadcast at 12:00UTC on 6070kHz shortwave for Central Europe with re-broadcasts throughout the month to be heard all over the world.
You can see all the ways you can listen to us by clicking here (We even have Spotify playlists)!

It’s always nice to read your reactions to our broadcasts, we’ve received helpful and encouraging feedback from our listeners which helps us make new shows.
If you have any feedback, comments or requests, our email address is:
qsl [@] rnei.org
Please note that short-wave reception reports are answered when we are able to, please expect a long delay in our response.
Our current reception report response times can be viewed here.

On the sidebar (or at the bottom of the page on mobile) you will find:
• Listener Information – Information for people interested in the finer details of RNEI.
• News – Important updates and broadcast announcements.
• Shows – The on-demand archive of previously broadcast RNEI shows on Mixcloud.


Rose 🌹

Presenter of RNEI & producer of the broadcasts.
Rose also looks after the website & listener interaction.
Microphone: Razer Seiren X.
Headphones: UiiSii HM7, KZ ZS10Pro, ATH-CKM99 & ATH-M50x.
Favourite music genres: 2020’s pop, 2010s pop, EDM, folk, traditional, indie, J-pop, K-pop & many more!
Favourite colour: RNEI pink!
Favourite hobbies: Listening to music, listening to short-wave radio & watching K-drama!

Daz 😎

Sound Engineer and Developer. Daz helped create the Comb Stereo system with Rose and the EasyDRF HamDRM software.
Favourite music genres: Alternative & Pop.
Favourite colour: Orange.
Favourite hobbies: Electronics, Programming, DSP, Radio, Audio & Photography.

Mamma 🛠️

Presenter and curator of Mammas Mest Metal.
Favourite bands: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Virgin Prunes, Jan Garbarek, Mari Boine, Of Monsters and Men, Endel & BABYMETAL.
Favourite genres: Metal, Post Metal, Ambient, Classical Guitar, Indie, Punk and Alternative, Gregorian Chant & The Heart Sutra.
Favourite colour: Green (Because Photosynthesis Rocks).
Favourite hobbies: Gardening with weeds, reading Buddhist sutras and commentaries, hanging out with my dog, movie nights, crafting & painting.


Presenter and curator of Stephen’s Artist Feature.
Microphones: Shure, Zoom & Sony.
Favourite genre: World Music.
Favourite colour: Terracotta & shades of cream.
Favourite hobbies: Keeping on top of my cottage and its mini jungle, walking & arts.

Your Host

Presenter and producer of This is an Express Music Show.

Song of the Month:
• Karl (from scandipop.co.uk)
• Abigail • HFZone • Roger • Our many loyal listeners
More information and samples of our imaging can be found here
• Jono (from RPC Audio) • Aminasync • Ciaracarruthers • Lisa Karmander • Cake Chan
Artists who have made intros for us:
Note: Links are to third party websites with their own privacy policies!
• Vionavega • Kóboykex • Synne Hoff • Moonshine • SKIA • Beni Holm • Kučka • Four Nights • Bethan Wyn • evvz • Gemelle • Samira Manners • Cindy Chiche • DØSSI • Sarah Palu • Julia Alfrida • SLANEY • The Crayon Set • FABER • Una Torfa・Siobhan Wilson • Neon Letters • LA Priest
Where we discover our music:
• Norway: NRK P3, NRK mP3, KISS & NRJ • Sweden: SR P3 & NRJ • Denmark: DR P3 • Finland: YLE X3M • Ireland: RTÉ 2FM & Spin 1038 • UK: BBC Radio 1, KISS & Capital • All countries: Spotify & scandipop.co.uk
Our editing software:
• Audacity, Ocenaudio, StereoTool & Vegas Pro 15