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Hei alle sammen,
We are Radio Northern Europe International; a radio show dedicated to playing the best pop, dance, fun, undiscovered and traditional music to our listeners from all over the world.
The foundation of our music selection originally came from the Northern European countries (Norway 🇳🇴 , the UK 🇬🇧 , Ireland 🇮🇪 , Denmark 🇩🇰 , Sweden 🇸🇪 , Finland 🇫🇮 , Iceland 🇮🇸 , Estonia 🇪🇪 , Latvia 🇱🇻 and Lithuania 🇱🇹) however, we now play anything we feel deserves the airtime from golden retro bangers to an undiscovered sparkling gems to make a 30-minute auditory adventure in varying languages and styles combined with digital-mode extras and a small amount of Norwegian, English & Japanese talk to keep everything flowing smoothly!

Our updated 2024 remit for the main show is:

  • Songs from Northern Europe:
    • Song <2 million Spotify streams + Artist’s most popular song <10 million Spotify Streams + Released in the past 5 years.
    • Guidance to prefer Northern European choices when making the A list.
  • Songs from South-East Asia:
    • Song <250k Spotify streams + Artist’s most popular song <1 million Spotify streams + Released in the past year.
  • Songs from the Rest of the World:
  • Song <1 million Spotify streams + Artist’s most popular song <5 million Spotify Streams + Released in the past 3 years.

We broadcast a new show on the first Sunday of every month at 11:00UTC on 6070kHz shortwave for Central Europe with re-broadcasts throughout the month to make sure the show is heard throughout the world. You can see all the ways you can listen to us by clicking here (We even have Spotify playlists)!

On our shortwave broadcasts, RNEI gives listeners the opportunity to hear extra content from other fantastic creators. Currently our broadcast schedule looks like this:

As of A23 this is the RNEI running order.

A little history of RNEI:

  • Created in January 2020, RNEI was originally planned as a one-off personal-project show to see what Rose’s favourite songs sounded like and to reintroduce Nordic music to shortwave. The reactions to the first show, broadcast on the 15th of February 2020 at 19UTC on 6070kHz, caused Rose to re-create RNEI as a “community-station” style show inviting many new and existing presenters to join the RNEI team including TIAMS from March 2020 – September 2023, Stephen in March 2021, Mamma in April 2021 and DK in August 2023. RNEI has also featured shows from Daz in March 2022, Radio Carpathia in August 2022 and Radio Catface in November 2022 as part of our community outreach.
  • Show improvements include using talkbeds since March 2020, editing songs since RNEI #7, working with artists on artist-intros since September 2020, A music-sample introduction starting with RNEI #9, New jingles being regularly added, occasional dance mixes starting with Show #11 and RNEIxtra specials since March 2022 including the first of many Japanese music specials in June 2022.
  • Passionate about innovative technologies, Rose has been embedding data including MFSK inside music from Show #1, waterfall imagery from Show #3 as well as tests of data above 5k in Show #6, PSK500R in Show #7, PSK125R inside music in RNEI #9, PSK1000R and Olivia “now-playing” inside songs in show #10. After experimenting with sending files and, since Show #11, animated HTML playlists with HamDRM modes in Show #8-14 Daz has helped develop EasyDRF, a more advanced HamDRM mode which we’ve used since Show #15. In March 2020, Rose thought of an idea to get stereo working over a mono transmitter and by April 2020 Daz had made a working system which we have called Comb Stereo and used since Show #3!
  • Our expansion started in April 2020 when we started regular broadcasting to Australia using Unique Radio. We then added regular broadcasts from Radio Onda (Europe) in August 2020, WRMI 5850 (North America) in September 2020, WRMI 15770 (North Atlantic) in January 2022, and Paochung (Pacific) in February 2023. We also ran tests from Armenia / Yerevan in March 2021 and Nauen in June 2022.

It’s always nice to read your reactions to our shows and we’ve received lots of helpful and encouraging feedback from our listeners which helps guide us when making new shows. If you have any feedback, comments or requests, our email address is:
qsl [@] rnei.org
*Please note that short-wave reception reports are answered when we are able to, please expect a long delay in our response.
Our current reception report response times can be viewed here.

On the sidebar (or at the bottom of the page on mobile) you will find:
• Listener Information – Information on the finer details and inner workings of RNEI.
• News – Important updates and broadcast announcements.
• Shows – The on-demand archive of previously broadcast RNEI shows on Mixcloud.

Meet the RNEI team:

Rose 🌹

Presenter of RNEI & producer of the broadcasts.
Rose also looks after the website & listener interaction.
Microphone: Razer Seiren X.
Headphones: UiiSii HM7, KZ ZS10Pro, ATH-CKM99 & ATH-M50x.
Favourite music genres: 2020’s pop, 2010s pop, EDM, folk, traditional, indie, retro and modern J-pop, K-pop & many more!
Favourite colour: RNEI pink!
Favourite hobbies: Listening to music, listening to shortwave radio & watching K-dramas!

Daz 😎

Sound Engineer and Developer. Daz helped create the Comb Stereo system with Rose and the EasyDRF (HamDRM based) software.
Favourite music genres: Alternative & Pop.
Favourite colour: Orange.
Favourite hobbies: Electronics, Programming, DSP, Radio, Audio & Photography.

Mamma 🛠️

Presenter and curator of Mammas Mest Metal.
Favourite bands: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Virgin Prunes, Jan Garbarek, Mari Boine, Of Monsters and Men, Endel & BABYMETAL.
Favourite genres: Metal, Post Metal, Ambient, Classical Guitar, Indie, Punk and Alternative, Gregorian Chant & The Heart Sutra.
Favourite colour: Green (Because Photosynthesis Rocks).
Favourite hobbies: Gardening with weeds, reading Buddhist sutras and commentaries, hanging out with my dog, movie nights, crafting & painting.


Presenter and curator of Stephen’s Artist Feature.
Microphones: Shure, Zoom & Sony.
Favourite genre: World Music.
Favourite colour: Terracotta & shades of cream.
Favourite hobbies: Keeping on top of my cottage and its mini jungle, walking & arts.

Mr Double K

Presenter and DJ of DK Radio.
Favourite Genres: Drum & Bass, Dub Reggae, Dubstep, Future Garage, UK House, Progressive House, Techno (Industrial, Acid), Indie Rock, Alternative, Metal, Ambient, Trip Hop, Synthwave.
Favourite Colour: Red (Vermilion Red and Fuscha)
Favourite Hobbies: Music production, Radio listening, DJ-ing, Art, Graphic Design, Visual Art, Travelling and chatting with friends. Technically, I listen to everything, but I keep hopping between these genres when the mood is right lol

Your Host

Your Host presents and produces ‘This is a Music Show’ and makes the ‘This is an Express Music Show’ feature for our Channel 292 broadcasts!

Your Host has stepped away from presenting duties for the near future since September 2023 and we hope to work with him again one day,

Song of the Month:
• Karl (from scandipop.co.uk)
• Abigail • HFZoneRoger • Our many loyal listeners
More information and samples of our imaging can be found here
• Jono (from RPC Audio) • AminasyncCiaracarruthersLisa KarmanderCake Chan
Artists who have made intros for us:
Note: Links are to third party websites with their own privacy policies!
VionavegaKóboykexSynne HoffMoonshineSKIABeni HolmKučkaFour NightsBethan WynevvzGemelleSamira MannersCindy ChicheDØSSISarah PaluJulia AlfridaSLANEYThe Crayon SetFABERUna TorfaSiobhan WilsonNeon LettersLA PriestMakoto RitaKrygerIvy LaneArigato YuinaRachael ColtronaMonari Wakita
Where we discover our music:
• Norway: NRK P3, Radio Nova, KISS & NRJ • Sweden: SR P3 & NRJ • Denmark: DR P3 • Finland: YLE X3M • Ireland: RTÉ 2FM & Spin 1038 • UK: BBC Radio 1, KISS & Capital • All countries: Spotify, scandipop.co.uk & Artist Submissions
Our editing software:
• Audacity, Ocenaudio, StereoTool & Vegas Pro 15