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This page contains playlists for the current year (2023). Previous years & RNEIxtra are found in the dropdown next to playlists.

The format for our playlists is:
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Artist name – Song name with link to stream (YouTube) [Emoji Flag] (Number of Spotify streams when the song was added to the show)
Rose’s comments on the songs.

#37 January 2023 –Spotify Playlist

  • Daniel Olsén, Jonathan Eng & Linnea Olsson – Inside 🇸🇪 (1.24m)
    An amazing uptempo sound with great vocals, from a fantastic video game. This song has remained on my main playlist all year!

Song of the Year, chosen by Karl (from

  • Melanie Wehbe – Like I Do 🇸🇪 (33.4k)
  • Hilde Selvikvåg – Dansa te månen 🇳🇴 (14.4k)
    Beautiful vocals and a really nice chilled out vibe makes this another of my favourites of the year!
  • Malka – Maita ja mantula 🇫🇮 (251k)
    Chosen by Daz: “What an epic sounding track! I couldn’t go past it…”
  • Kardemimmit – Myötätuulli 🇫🇮 (50.6k)
    Chosen by Patrick, this track has a fantastic Finnish folk sound to it!
  • Hrím – Ljómi 🇮🇸 (3880)
    Chosen by Misayo, this track has a beautiful yet haunting feel full of atmospheric sound!
  • Diablo Swing Orchesta – Speed Dating An Arsonist 🇸🇪 (1.1m)
    Also chosen by Misayo, this is a song from one of my favourite genres, Electro Swing!
  • SLANEY – Romeo 🇮🇪 (12.2k)
    SLANEY has been one of my favourite artists since I first heard “Heaven” from 2021, and I really look forward to hearing what they have in store for us in 2023!

Mamma’s Mest Metal

  • Darkher – Unbound 🇬🇧 (67.8k)
  • Haavard – Athena 🇳🇴 (3665)
  • Vermilia – Marras 🇫🇮 (24.1k)
  • Lustre – Thirst 🇸🇪 (95.6k)

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