Radio Northern Europe International Show #46 Announcement!

Hei alle sammen,

We’ve finished the latest instalment of RNEI just in time! We’ve had a busy week with the Woofferton test (Which went amazingly well, thank you all so much for your emails!) and RNEI-JP #45 airing the day before RNEI #46!

RNEI #46 features:

  • Our Song of the Month, chosen by Karl from SVEA’s latest track
  • Rachael Coltrona introducing her relaxed song that’s hopefully not too complicated to listen to 😉
  • Scottish artist ili is a little tongue tied but thankfully can sing a punchy song that I hope you all enjoy!
  • Finland’s Vince Vigo returns to RNEI and this time she’s the queen of broken hearts in a dancy-pop song??
  • Emil Kárlsen & Lávre bring us a joik for this month’s show, it’s lovely!
  • A request for our RNEI-JP listener Hiroyuki-san about Japanese-English words, it’s quite funny!
  • Monari Wakita’s newest song ONDO; a chill track full of interesting, funky sounds and beautiful vocals!
  • Our Song Through Time Mix of a tribute for Smash Mouth’s All Star.
  • The final song, with MFSK64 inside, is a Colour Bass track from South Korean artists Softable and Jui. It’s a different sound to anything I’ve heard before!
The schedule for RNEI shows demonstrating the branch between the two versions!
  • On WRMI, Unique Radio and On-Demand you’ll also hear:
    • Mamma’s show featuring song lovely, softer tracks this month.
    • Stephen’s Feature on the Scottish Singer/Songwriter Kim Edgar.
    • Daz’s EasyDRF Playlist (Decoder here – Not available On-Demand).
  • On Channel 292 you’ll also be listening to:
    • An episode DK Radio for Channel 292 full of Drum ‘n Bass songs including a remix of Hotsteppa and Bitter Sweet Goodbye!
    • Mamma’s show featuring song lovely, softer tracks this month.
    • Daz’s EasyDRF Playlist (Decoder here).
RNEI A23 Target Map
Day of MonthTimeFrequencyAz
Sunday 1st11:00 UTC6070KHzND
Saturday 7th16:00 UTC9670KHz332°
Every Thursday01:00 UTC5850KHz315°
Every Thursday13:00 UTC15770KHz44°
Every Thursday13:00UTC7730kHz44°
Every Sunday01:00
ND = non directional. Click the ° to see details. The colour of
AZ matches the map prediction.
For more information please see

The332° broadcast has a good back-beam between Ukraine and Italy.

The main 11UTC broadcast is best received in the Sunnyzones!

Paochung airs our Japanese language version of the program for Japan and the Pacific region (RNEI-JP #46), which will be announced separately on the Japanese side of the website!

If you miss the show or are unable to hear it (or miss Mamma and Stephen’s features) you can catch up by listening on demand on Mixcloud and, if you prefer to only hear our music choices without presenting, we have Spotify Playlists of each show!

We hope you enjoy this show and look forward to receiving your feedback and comments in our emails,
Til vi møtes igjen, Ha det~


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