New remit times for Summer 2023 shows (A23)

Hei alle,

I would like to announce that, for the rest of Summer 2023 (A23), our remit will be a little less strict as a little experiment. This allows us to share the music we are currently enjoying, no longer being confined to the remit!

Here is a little comparison:

Remit RuleOldNew
% From Northern Europe100%>50%
Songs over 2m streams0<2
Songs over 3 years old0<2

This will allow us to air music we are enthusiastic about from all over the world while still primarily focusing on Northern European music!

This remit change will be re-evaluated for B23 (November 2023 – March 2024) based on listener feedback to the summer shows 🙂

Prepare to hear some Japanese film-music, Taiwanese Jazz and more interesting songs in RNEI #41!

We’re also going to be changing the time of the 9670kHz broadcast to better be received in Northern Europe as is the target. It might be the case that it moves to 6070 later in the night instead of 9670.

Wishing you all well,
– Roseanna