Playlists for RNEIxtra Broadcasts

Here you’ll find the playlists for the RNEIxtra broadcasts which occour on every “5th week” broadcast (when there are 5 Thursdays before a new show).

RNEIxtra #6: Rose’s og Mamma’s Magisk Yule (2022.12.22 – 2022.12.29)

RNEIxtra #5: Ace Attorney Jazz Special (2022.11.03)

RNEIxtra #4: Mamma’s Mest Metal xtrea 1&2 for Channel292 (July) & Radio Carpathia Special (2022.08.04)

RNEIxtra #3: Mamma’s Mest Metal Nauen 15430kHz (2022.06.04, 08:05UTC) Results are available here

RNEIxtra #2 Japanese Music Special (2022.06.02)

  • 竹内 まりや – 駅 🇯🇵 (2.3m)
    Takeuchi Mariya’s vocals are really beautiful on this kayoukyoku track from 1987 / Showa 62
  • Aina the End – ブルーライト・ヨコハマ 🇯🇵 (89.4k)
    Originally performed by Ishida Iyumi in 1968, Aina the End covers this classic track composed by the late Tsutsumi Kyohei in the 2021 album KYOHEI TSUTSUMI SONG BOOK honouring his works.
  • 三浦 大知 – Unlock 🇯🇵 (859k)
    Japanese singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer and concert director Miura Daichi brings us this 2015 song which was used as the opening theme for the J-Drama Ghostwriter.
  • 久石 è­² – One Summer’s Day 🇯🇵 (6.9m)
    Joe Hisaishi is compared to John Williams in his contribution to film music scores having composed for many Studio Ghibli anime films and the Oscar wining 2008 film Departures (おくりびと). This beautiful track is from Studio Ghibli’s 2001 Academy Award winning anime film Spirited Away.
  • Ado – 永遠のあくる日 🇯🇵 (2.7m)
    19 Year old singer Ado’s 9th and latest single gives a very up-to-date J-pop feel and I really like it 🙂
  • FantasticYouth – 小喋日和 🇯🇵 (1.2m)
    This song is used as the second ending to one of my favourite anime shows at the moment, Komi Can’t Communicate / 古味さんはコミュ症です。
  • Kobaryo – Dimension Hacker 🇯🇵 (82.1k)
    Chosen by Mat from the HFZone discord, here is something I’ve never really heard before: Some J-electro speedcore! I’m just left imagining how difficult this would be on a rhythm game!

RNEIXtra #1 EasyDRF (2022.03.03)