Playlists for RNEIxtra Broadcasts

Here you’ll find the playlists for the RNEIxtra broadcasts which occour on every “5th week” broadcast (when there are 5 Thursdays before a new show).

RNEIxtra #9: Rose’s 16 Gwendoline Street Cover Show (2023.07)

  • スピッツ – チェリー 🇯🇵
    I’m starting off with a little feature on my favourite J-Rock artist Sptiz! Formed in 1987 by four art school students; Kusano Masunune-san, Miwa Tetsuya-san, Tamura Akihiro-san & Sakiyama Tatsuo-san. They had breakthrough hits in the 1990s and have remained popular ever since. Here is one of Spitz’s most popular songs 🙂
    [📅: 1996.04.10 – ▶: 61m – 🔎: Artist Catalogue – 🔠: Big Artist]
  • スピッツ – 小さな生き物 🇯🇵
    This is the first song of Spitz’s that I heard from 2013 that got me into J-rock and later J-pop!
    [📅: 2013.09.11 – ▶: 514k – 🔎: YouTube – 🔠: Big Artist]
  • スピッツ – 未来未来 🇯🇵
    Here is my favourite track from Spitz’s newest album released in May 2023, Mirai Mirai. This track infuses traditional Japanese sounds with their famous classic rock style, I hope you enjoy it!
    [📅: 2023.05.17 – ▶: 541k – 🔎: Artist Catalogue – 🔠: Big Artist]
  • 都はるみ – アンコ椿は恋の花 🇯🇵
    Next I will introduce you to Enka. A genre of traditionally styled music in Japan full of emotion. This is Miyako Harumi-san who was performing Enka songs between 1964 and 2016. Here is her 1964 track Anko Tsubaki wa Koi no Hana.
    [📅: 1964.10.05 – ▶: 401k – 🔎: NHK Shinyabin – 🔠: Big Artist]
  • 荒井由実 – まちぶせ 🇯🇵
    Next up will be a song from Arai Yumi, A Japanese artist who’s been active since 1968. This track is from their 1997 album Cowgirl Dreamin’ and incorporates a lot of elements found in 1980s Japanese music.
    [📅: 1996.06.15 – ▶: 4.1m – 🔎: NHK Shinyabin – 🔠: Big Artist]
  • Perfume – Drive’n The Rain 🇯🇵
    Here is a track from Perfume, A Japanese idol tro who debuted in the late 2000s. This is from their latest album, PLASMA and is called Drive’n The Rain. It’s full of mellow notes and soft vocals.
    [📅: 2022.07.27 – ▶: 490k – 🔎: Spotify Recommendations – 🔠: Big Artist]

RNEIxtra #8: Japanese Party Special (2023.05.04)

  • 松田 聖子 – Rock’n Rouge(ロックン・ルージュ) 🇯🇵
    Opening with one of Matsuda Seiko-san’s great songs I heard on NHK’s Shinyabin’s special celebrating her works on 11945kHz. This one is really cute and catchy 😀 “Hanabira Iro no Haru ni I Will Fall In Love” is so catchy 😀
    [📅:1984.02.01 – ▶:2m – 🔎:NHK Shinyabin – 🔠:Big Artist]
  • YMCK – Convenient 🇯🇵
    This is a fantastic Chip-Tune track from Japanese 3-piece chiptune-unit YMCK’s 2022 album FAMILY INNOVATION.
    [📅: 2022.09.30 – ▶: 4422 – 🔎: Spotify Recommendations – 🔠: Small Artist]
  • Lone Alpha, P3PPER & Ina – Summer Night 🇯🇵
    I adore the wonderfully soothing vocals on this gentle dance track! 😀
    [📅: 2021.11.05 – ▶: 64.5k – 🔎: Spotify Discover – 🔠: Small Artist]
  • Aimyon – 愛を伝えたいだとか 🇯🇵
    Here’s something really funky that’s been one of my favourites for … 6 years now! Those occasional backing notes are perfect!
    [📅:2017.05.03 – ▶:52m – 🔎:Aimyon artist page – 🔠:Big Artist]
  • 電音部, DE DE MOUSE & 白金 煌 – Sweet Illusion 🇯🇵
    Returning to one of my favourite Japanese DJs, DE DE MOUSE, comes this upbeat, cutesy dance track 😀
    [📅:2022.10.20 – ▶:92.0k – 🔎:Spotify Recommendations – 🔠: Small Artist]
  • 雄之助 (feat. Sennzai) – 幽世に舞え 🇯🇵
    With a gorgeous traditional Japanese sound is this dance number :3
    [📅:2022.03.04 – ▶:121k – 🔎:Spotify Recommendations – 🔠: Small Artist]
    Now for something a little crazy inspired by a video game about going insane trying to be a popular streamer.
    [📅:2023.03.18 – ▶:1.62m – 🔎:Needy Streamer Overload – 🔠: Big Artist]
  • Tokimeki Records (feat. 黒川沙良) – そして僕は途方に暮れる 🇯🇵
    After that last song was so crazy it literally BSoD’ed, here’s something really gentle to end on that I find really relaxing :3
    [📅:2023.03.08 – ▶:687k – 🔎:Spotify Discover – 🔠:Small Artist]

RNEIxtra #7: Japanese Music Special #2 (2023.02.01 & Paochung Test #1)

  • DÉ DÉ MOUSE & TANUKI – Neon Light​の​夜 (Evening of the Neon Lights) feat. 一​十​三​十​一 🇯🇵 (820k)
    A fantastical fusion of Future Funk and house sounds leads to this gem from Tokyo’s DÉ DÉ MOUSE, TANUKI (created music for Konami, Capcom, Square Enix, Rion Games and more) and Tokyo singer Hitomitoi.
  • 存流 (ARU) – あおいゆめ (Blue Dream) 🇯🇵 (12.4k)
    Small “virtual singer” ARU who appeared around 2022 has made a few singles now with their sweet soothing vocals, this one is my favourite of them!
  • UNIDOTS – とうめいにんげん (Invisible Girl) 🇯🇵 (15.3k)
    Synthpop … From Japan?? You bet it is! UNIDOTS is a music project by 瑞葵 (Mizuki) and 金野倫仁 (Tsuguhito Konno) formed in 2016 and in 2022 they brought us this gem 😀
  • Nina77 – 春サラバ (Goodbye Spring) 🇯🇵 (58.4k)
    Formed in Sendai, Nina77 consists of 北澤伸一郎 (Kitazawa Shinichiro) and 桜真希 (Sakura Maki) who have been making music together since 2018. I like this track as it’s quite a mellow one. You might want to look up “Confession” by them if you liked this one 🙂
  • Akuya – すずめ (Suzume) 🇯🇵 (11.9k)
    Akuya, a producer mixing modern and classical sounds, worked with singer Renka for this pretty version of the theme from (すずめのとじまり) Suzume! If you liked this their cover of “Dream Lantern” from 君の名は (Your Name) is just as beautiful!
  • Nagie Lane – ピャバラバ (Pya Ba Ra Ba) 🇯🇵 (34.7k)
    This song has gone round my head for a while now, it’s so catchy with a nice beat. A Capella artist Nagie Lane consists of Rei, Mayu, Mikako, Baratti, Keiji & Euro. They formed in 2018 and are describe themselves as a fusion of “Neo City-Pop and Dance” and I couldn’t love them any more! This song is probably my favourite of theirs! If you like this one, check out their songs “Hana to Mitsu” and “Smile Again”!
  • Aiobahn & KOCHO – resonance 🇯🇵 (339k)
    Aiobahn (Who made ここにいる & 過ぎゆく日と君へ) teams up with KOCHO to make this absolutely epic sounding dance track filled with traditional Japanese sounds!

RNEIxtra #6: Rose’s og Mamma’s Magisk Yule (2022.12.22 – 2022.12.29)

RNEIxtra #5: Ace Attorney Jazz Special (2022.11.03)

RNEIxtra #4: Mamma’s Mest Metal Xtra 1 & 2 for Channel 292 (July) & Radio Carpathia Special (2022.08.04)

RNEIxtra #3: Mamma’s Mest Metal Nauen 15430kHz (2022.06.04, 08:05UTC) Results are available here

RNEIxtra #2: Japanese Music Special (2022.06.02)

  • 竹内 まりや – 🇯🇵 (2.3m)
    Takeuchi Mariya’s vocals are really beautiful on this kayoukyoku track from 1987 / Showa 62
  • Aina the End – ブルーライト・ヨコハマ 🇯🇵 (89.4k)
    Originally performed by Ishida Iyumi in 1968, Aina the End covers this classic track composed by the late Tsutsumi Kyohei in the 2021 album KYOHEI TSUTSUMI SONG BOOK honouring his works.
  • 三浦 大知 – Unlock 🇯🇵 (859k)
    Japanese singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer and concert director Miura Daichi brings us this 2015 song which was used as the opening theme for the J-Drama Ghostwriter.
  • 久石 譲 – One Summer’s Day 🇯🇵 (6.9m)
    Joe Hisaishi is compared to John Williams in his contribution to film music scores having composed for many Studio Ghibli anime films and the Oscar wining 2008 film Departures (おくりびと). This beautiful track is from Studio Ghibli’s 2001 Academy Award winning anime film Spirited Away.
  • Ado – 永遠のあくる日 🇯🇵 (2.7m)
    19 Year old singer Ado’s 9th and latest single gives a very up-to-date J-pop feel and I really like it 🙂
  • FantasticYouth – 小喋日和 🇯🇵 (1.2m)
    This song is used as the second ending to one of my favourite anime shows at the moment, Komi Can’t Communicate / 古味さんはコミュ症です。
  • Kobaryo – Dimension Hacker 🇯🇵 (82.1k)
    Chosen by Mat from the HFZone discord, here is something I’ve never really heard before: Some J-electro speedcore! I’m just left imagining how difficult this would be on a rhythm game!

RNEIxtra #1: EasyDRF (2022.03.03)