Ways to listen to Radio Northern Europe International

On shortwave:

These predictions are a guide. The best signal is usually closer to the transmitter in daylight and further in the dark! you can click on this map to enlarge it!
TX# & Day of MonthTimeFrequencyAz
1 – Week 1 Sunday11:00 UTC6070KHzND
2 – Week 2 Saturday19:00 UTC9670KHz158°
3 – Week 3 Friday21:00 UTC9670KHz80°
4 – Week 4 Sunday11:00 UTC9670KHz332°
5 – The Last Sunday05:00 UTC6140KHzND
Every Thursday01:00 UTC5850KHz315°
Every Thursday01:00 UTC7780KHz44°
Summer 2021 proposed schedule. Our Weeks begin on Sunday.
ND = non directional. Click ° to see details. Colour matches map.

6070KHz (10kW) & 9670KHz (156 Kilowatts EIRP) AM – These are our main broadcasts targeting Europe and beaming to Asia, Northern Europe and Africa, Provided by Channel 292.
6140KHz AM – Targeting parts of Europe, Provided by Radio Onda.
5850KHz (2.378 Megawatts EIRP) AM Targeting the USA and Canada, Provided by WRMI.
7780KHz (3.28 Megawatts EIRP) AM – Targeting North-East coast America and Northern Europe, Provided by WRMI.
Note: EIRP levels are calculated based on the ERP information from the transmission companies..

On FM in New Zealand:

Month – DateDayNZ Time
June 3rd & 24thThursday4:30PM
June 8th & 29thTuesday10:05AM
June 13thSunday10PM
FM schedule for March & April 2021

88.2MHz – Targeting Tawa, Wellington & Mārahau, Tasman.
107.6MHz – Targeting Stoke, Nelson.
LPFM Relays are kindly provided by World FM.

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