You can hear us in the following places:

On shortwave:

These predictions are a guide. The best signal is usually closer to the transmitter in daylight and further in the dark!
TX# & Day of MonthTimeFrequency
1-1st Sunday19:00 UTC6070KHz
2-Week 3 SaturdayTBD-KHz
3-Week 4 FridayTBD-KHz
4-Week 5 SaturdayTBD-KHz
5-Last Sunday05:00UTC6140KHz
6-Last SundayTBD-KHz
Every Thursday01:00UTC5850KHz
Every Thursday01:00UTC5010KHz
Every Friday09:30UTC3210KHz
Every Saturday09:30UTC3210KHz
Our Weeks begin on Monday

6070KHz (& 9670KHz) AM – This is our main frequency targeting Europe, provided by Channel 292.
5940KHz AM – Targeting Europe, Provided by Radio Onda.
5850KHz AM – Targeting North Amerca, Provided by WRMI.
5010KHz AM – Targeting The Carabian and South America, Provided by WRMI.
3210KHz USB – Targeting East Australia with a weak signal in New Zealand, Provided by Unique Radio. (Temporarily online only!)

On Low-Power FM in New Zealand:

WeekMonth – DateDayNZ Time
108-27, 09-17, 10-08Thursday4:30PM
209-01, 09-22, 10-13Tuesday10:05AM
309-13, 10-04, 10-25Sunday10PM
The schedule repeats every 3 weeks

88.2MHz – Targeting Tawa, Wellington & Mārahau, Tasman.
107.6MHz – Targeting Stoke, Nelson.
LPFM Relays are kindly provided by World FM.

Daz’s Recordings of RNEI:

On Demand – recordings of the broadcast processed by Daz, our sound engineer – RNEI Shortwave Recordings

On Demand via Mixcloud

On Demand – in digital quality – Mixcloud