Hei alle,

I’m Roseanna, from Radio Northern Europe International and welcome to Rose’s Retro Randomness: a show where all the music played is sampled form retro mediums such as analogue Vinyl and Cassette.

Expect a lot of 70s,80s and 90s music from a collection of hundreds of Japanese vinyl singles and Western Albums… and there’ll also be some new music released on retro analogue formats! Pops and crackles are included 😀

The shows are made in my free time and will be broadcast on WRMI 5850kHz, at 2UTC on Sunday (Saturday Evenings in target area) for the USA inspired by the legendary TIAMS show that has come to an end.

The show consists of around 55 minutes of simple Music & Presentation (in English with song name translations) + an image of all the records and cassettes played sent via EasyDRF like this example from show #1 here:

Don’t worry if your decode fails or you are unable to decode, all images are uploaded here alongside the playlists!

I really hope you like the show and I hope to be able to make episodes in my free time to share the analogue music I’m passionate about that doesn’t fit within the RNEI remit!

Until we meet again, Bye bye~