Our 2023 125kW Yule Marathon is here!

Hei alle sammen,

I bring good news to you all: We’ve got a Yule special broadcast for 3 hours over Christmas day for our European listeners (Primarily targeting the UK, Ireland, Benelux, Germany and France)!

You’ll hear a bit of everything during this marathon with features from all our friends 🙂

It’s on the 25th of December, 14-17UTC, 5940kHz with the following schedule:

  • 14:00 UTC: K-pop drama music with Mamma
  • 14:30 UTC: Radio Carpathia Special (With Easy DRF data)
  • 15:00 UTC: RNEI 48 featuring Rose, Mamma, Luca, Stephen and DK (Easy DRF at end)
  • 16:00 UTC: Mr Double K’s Special DK Radio show
  • 16:30 UTC: Stephen’s look back at 2023

We hope you’ll love this show and get good reception!

Now for a little update:
I’m having a holiday starting in January after almost 4 years!
What does this mean? The broadcasts are still happening, our slots will not be changing but the shows might be repeats or guest shows (Please do email in if you’ve ever wanted to be on air – we’re offering free airtime to guests during this period)! Some of the RNEIx shows will probably see the light of day again too 😉

Wishing you all well,