Radio Northern Europe International Show #45 Announcement!

Hei alle sammen,

Sorry for the slight delays in this announcement! I’ve been working on all the little changes like the new broadcast graphic below!

RNEI #45 features:

  • Song of the Month, chosen by Karl from from an Icelandic born, Germany-residing artist.
  • KUUMAA bring us a a massive Finnish hit with a stream count over 3x the population of Finland!
  • Ivy Lane introduce their fantastic, mellow, new synth-pop song Untouchable.
  • Swedish artist Julia Alfrida is back after almost a year with this punchy bop of a song
  • Some fantastic Joiking from Spellemannsprisen Tradisjonsmusikk 2022 winning Sámi band Gabba, which means Ivory Coated Raindeer.
  • Arigato Yuina introduces their wonderfully catchy track, Matcha Love, with retro vibes scattered throughout the backing track to accompany the pretty and catchy vocals made with Zakku and Nakanojojo!
  • Song Through Time continues with this second instalment featuring reggae, tropical house and gentle versions of James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful
  • WNDR won’t let us down with the final dance track of the show including MFSK data!
The schedule for RNEI shows demonstrating the branch between the two versions!
  • On WRMI, Unique Radio and On-Demand you’ll also hear:
    • Mamma’s Mest Metal featuring some fantastic heavier Nordic numbers this month.
    • Stephen’s Feature on the Isle of Weight Artist Angelina Grimshaw.
    • Daz’s EasyDRF Playlist (Decoder here – Not available On-Demand).
  • On Channel 292 and some WRMI broadcasts you’ll also be listening to:
    • The first episode of DK Radio for Channel 292 with a fantastic mix of dance music including an amazing mashup of Cruel Angel’s Thesis and Barbie Girl!
    • Mamma’s Mest Metal featuring some fantastic heavier Nordic numbers this month.
    • Daz’s EasyDRF Playlist (Decoder here).
RNEI A23 Target Map
Day of MonthTimeFrequencyAz
Sunday 3rd11:00 UTC6070KHzND
Saturday 9th16:00 UTC9670KHz332°
Every Thursday01:00 UTC5850KHz315°
Every Thursday13:00 UTC15770KHz44°
Every Thursday13:00UTC7730kHz44°
Every Sunday01:00
ND = non directional. Click the ° to see details. The colour of
AZ matches the map prediction.
For more information please see

The332° broadcast has a good back-beam between Ukraine and Italy.

The main 11UTC broadcast is best received in the Sunnyzones!

Paochung airs our Japanese language service for Japan and the Pacific (RNEI-JP #45), which will be announced separately in the Japanese side of the website!

If you miss the show or are unable to hear it (or miss Mamma and Stephen’s features) you can catch up by listening on demand on Mixcloud and, if you prefer to only hear our music choices without presenting, we have Spotify Playlists of each show!

We hope you enjoy this show and look forward to receiving your feedback and comments in our emails,
Til vi møtes igjen, Ha det~