Radio Northern Europe International’s 2022 Playlist

The format for the playlist is:
Extra information
Artist name – Song name with link to stream [Emoji Flag] (Number of Spotify streams when the song was added to the show)
Rose’s comments on the songs.

#36 December 2022 –Spotify Playlist

  • Miss Li – Hälsa Gud 🇸🇪 (3.5m)
    This is such a catchy song by a Swedish artist of Complicated fame 😉
  • Dermot Kennedy – Driving Home for Christmas 🇮🇪 (125k)
    Massive Irish artist Dermot Kennedy has released this little-heard version of Driving Home for Christmas and I love how chill it is 😀
  • KUUMAA – Edelleen Sua 🇫🇮 (815k)
    Some great synthpop with this one by Finnish group KUUMAA
  • Klara Elias – Desember 🇮🇸 (11k)
    A beautiful song by Klara Elias who started her career as the lead singer Iceland’s most successful girl-group NYLON!

Song of the Month, chosen by Karl (from

  • Nicklas Sahl – Quit Sugar 🇩🇰 (108k)
    Chosen by Karl from comes this synthpop number from this Danish artist.
  • Sofia Karlsson – Så Mörk Är Natten I Midvintertid 🇸🇪 (2.1m)
    A beautiful traditional Yule song from Sweden 🙂
  • Karine Polwart – Merry Xmas Everybody 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (22k)
    A classic Christmas song beautifully covered by the Scottish artist Karine Polwart.
  • AURORA – Stjernestøv 🇳🇴 (12.2m)
    Taken from NRK’s TV series of the same name, AURORA sings this gorgeous song.
  • JCY & Minus Manus – Walking In The Air 🇳🇴 (772k)
    This version of the song turns the classic Snowman song into a dance number while still retaining elements of the originals beauty (complete with data)

Mamma’s Mest Magisk

Stephen’s Feature on Inuk

#35 November 2022 –Spotify Playlist

  • Angus MacRae – Lighthouse 🇬🇧 (67.0k)
  • ISÁK – Oainnán Du *Sámi* (36.9k)
  • Agnete Saba – Pusterom 🇳🇴 (97.8k)
  • Lindy-Fay Hella & Dei Farne – Insect 🇳🇴 (12.1k)
  • Christopher Tin, VOCES8, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Barnaby Smith – A Hundred Thousand Birds 🇺🇸 & 🇬🇧 (158.3k)
  • Arve Henriksen & Benjamin Mørk – Svandalen 🇳🇴 (28.2k)
  • Hilde Selvikvåg – Dansa Te Månen 🇳🇴 (10.8k)
  • Angus MacRae & Rick Leigh – Single Cell 🇬🇧 (85.0k)

Catface’s Special for RNEI

  • Velly Joonas – Kaes On Aeg 🇪🇪 (2.1m)
  • Flunk – Keep on 🇳🇴 (27.7k)
  • Henrik Meierkord & Sole Gipp Ossler – Ballongen 🇸🇪 (101.3k)
  • Alise Joste – Atslēgas 🇱🇻 (4012)

Stephen’s Feature on Einar Stray Orchestra

#34 October 2022 –Spotify Playlist

  • Brother Leo – Living in a Zoo 🇸🇪 (332k)
    This Swedish song reminds me a lot of mid 00s indie. With it’s instrument-driven backing and happy sound, I fell in love with it!
  • Tippa – Omilla jaloilla 🇫🇮 (540k)
    Continuing the the theme of 00s indie sounding tracks is this song from Finland that also got suck in my head 🙂
  • OLLIE – Sick Of This Party 🇩🇰 (52.1k)
    Danish artist OLLIE is adamant that she is, in fact, quite sick of this party … but hopefully she’s not sick of us partying to her music!
  • The Crayon Set – Love is a Real Place 🇮🇪 (NA)
    Rob introduces us to this Irish band’s newest single, releasing on the 14th of October. I find it feels quite relaxing and peaceful to listen to :3
  • Una Torfa – Flækt og týnd og einmana 🇮🇸 (7.1k)
    Introduced by Icelandic artist Una Torfa is another soft track today which translates roughly to “Tangled, lost and lonely”
  • mammantytöt! – Erojaisryyppy 🇫🇮 (13.5k)
    Here’s something folk-y from the small Finnish duo mammantytöt!, I love the duetted vocals and whistling on this track 😀

Song of the Month, chosen by Karl (from

  • Smith & Thell – I Feel It In The Wind 🇸🇪 (636k)
    Karl has chosen this amazing song from Smith & Thell who made their first appearance on RNEI back in show #1!
  • Glenn Gatsby & Sonia Elisheva – Every Now And Then 🇳🇴&🇬🇧 (70.5k)
    Some more electro swing :O This time something more laid back from a Norwegian DJ and London based singer. Complimented with lovely basslines, the vocal performance is fantastic and the instrumentals are perfect to give this a textbook electro-swing feel!

Stephen’s Feature on the Faroese musician Guðrið Hansdóttir

#33 September 2022 –Spotify Playlist

  • Emma Nicoline – Står Imod 🇩🇰 (52.2k)
    Starting off the show is this upbeat synthpop number from Denmark!
  • Pikekyss – Må jeg vite alt? 🇳🇴 (75.7k)
    Revisiting Pikekyss brings us this mellow synthpop gem that I find relaxing to listen to!

Song of the Month, chosen by Karl (from

  • Honey. – What Now 🇸🇪 (4885)
    Honey. is a relatively new Swedish group. They perfectly capture the essence of ABBA in this catchy track and it won’t leave my head! A fantastic find from Karl 😀
  • Sisterix – Wasteland 🇮🇪 (<1k)
    Sisterix is a group beautifully capturing that distinctively Irish pop sound with beautiful vocals and an acoustic instrumental! It reminds me a little The Cranberries but mellower!
  • Kardemimmit – Myötätuuli 🇫🇮 (47k)
    4 Piece finnish folk group Kardemimmit bring us this pretty song featuring the Finnish national instrument, the Kantele!
  • Marína Ósk & Rebekka Blöndal – Góða kíkt’í kaffi 🇮🇸 (19.2k)
    Here is something a little different to anything we’ve played before; some Icelandic jazz! I really like this song a lot!
  • Sofiloud & Gucci Caliente – The Hookup 🇳🇴 (108k)
    With data embedded, The Hookup is a dance track from Norway with a great beat to it!

Mamma’s Mest Metal

Stephen’s Feature on The Swedish folk rock band Garmarna

#32 August 2022 –Spotify Playlist

  • SURAN & Peder Elias – Darling 🇰🇷&🇳🇴 (255k)
    This beautiful track appeared in my recommendations and I fell in love with it! Combining K-pop and Scandipop in one song :O
  • SASO – Lucky 🇩🇰 (25k)
    Small Danish artist SASO brings us this polished synthpop track 😀
  • Maija Vilkkumaa – Jos oisin mies 🇫🇮 (281k)
    Something a little heavier: The latest from the Finnish artist Maika Vilkkumaa who’s been making music since the late 90s!
  • Heleza & An-Marlen – Igavesti 🇪🇪 (80k)
    It’s about time we had something from Estonia again and this dancy number jumped out at me!
  • Sive – Annaghmakerrig 🇮🇪 (<1k)
    An now something prettier and mellower from Ireland. I fell in love with the vocals combining so beautifully with the piano on this track 🙂

Song of the Month, chosen by Karl (from

  • Laura Druzy – Toy Boy 🇩🇰 (4550)
    From Danish newcomer Laura Druzy comes this fantastic and energetic synthpop track 😀
  • Diablo Swing Orchestra – Speed Dating An Arsonist 🇸🇪 (896k)
    Finally, some electro swing on RNEI!! This is such a fun genre and the vocals on this track give this track a bit of a punchy feel 😀
  • Snakehips & Tchami – Tonight 🇬🇧&🇫🇷 (1.8m)
    Big EDM duo Snakehips collaborated with France’s Tchami for this Future House number with the MFSK data embedded inside!

Mamma’s Mest Metal

Stephen’s Feature on the Danish dream pop band moi Caprice

#31 July 2022 –Spotify Playlist

  • Kakkmaddafakka – Drø Sø 🇳🇴 (1.8m)
    We are starting off the chill summery vibes with the fantastic popular Norwegian band Kakkmaddafakka. I heard this on NRK P3 and fell in love with it 😀
  • Vince Vigo – miyazaki on the tv 🇫🇮 (115k)
    Finnish artist Vince Vigo brings a more moody yet still chill tone to the show with this song. I find that is quite dancy one!
  • FABER – Helt Okay 🇩🇰 (9658)
    Introduced by Denmark’s little known artist FABER, this songs has a relaxingly pretty vibe to it and wonderful vocals.
  • Elinborg – Um eg kundi 🇫🇴 (17.4k)
    Here’s something from the Faroe Islands, what initaially feels like it will go dark quickly becomes a pretty chill song which I really like :3
  • Rebekka Blöndal – Lítið Ljóð 🇮🇸 (<1k)
    From a little know Icelandic Jazz artist this song continues the theme of relaxing summer music to chill out too, I absolutely love her work and encourage you all to listen to her other songs!

Song of the Month, chosen by Karl (from

  • Drew Sycamore – Electric Motion 🇩🇰 (117k)
    Chosen by Karl, here is a nice pop banger from Denmark’s popular pop artist Drew Sycamore. It’s got quite a catchy beat and I quickly grew to like it 😀
  • SLANEY – Romeo 🇮🇪 (4336)
    Introduced by SLANEY, here is her latest song and, just like Heaven, this dance song has a wonderful chill vibe to it! I love SLANEY’s songs so much 🙂
  • Mio, Nick Strand & Leora – Show Me 🇳🇴 (572k)
    To finish off the Chill Summer show, here is a lovely Norwegian dance track complete with the playlist embedded inside!

Mamma’s Mest Metal

Stephen’s Feature on Marlene Enright

  • The Hard Ground – Pawn 🇮🇪 (7911)
  • The Hard Ground – Capon 🇮🇪 (NA)
  • Marlene Enright – Shiny 🇮🇪 (3434)
  • Marlene Enright – Rafter 🇮🇪 (<1k)

#30 June 2022 –Spotify Playlist

  • Daniel Olsén, Jonathan Eng & Linnea Olsson – Inside 🇸🇪 (1m)
    Inside a song from the 2019 music based action game Sayonara Wild Hearts. Described as a pop album video game, each level is set to the song kind of in a rhythm game style.
  • filous & Daði Freyr – Sabada 🇮🇸 (631k)
    Daði is back with this really catchy song made with Australian music producer Filous!
  • Pauline – At Leve 🇩🇰 (82.9k)
    Here is Denmark’s Pauline with their latest track from March 2022!
  • Sindre Steig – Sjao Deg Igjen 🇳🇴 (26.4k)
    The Voice Norway 2019 contestant Sindre Steig’s latest track that I recently heard on NRK P3. It caught my attention and I had to share it with you all!
  • Sumie – Upp Ur Mörkret 🇯🇵-🇸🇪 (131k)
    With a Japanese father and Swedish mother Sumie Nagano has influences from both sides of the Northern Hemisphere in her hypnotic, dreamy folk music. This track is one of my favourites of hers!

Song of the Month, chosen by Karl (from

  • Melanie Wehbe – Like I Do 🇸🇪 (8796)
  • Lemaitre – Dive 🇳🇴 (153k)
    Norwegian electronic music duo Lemaitre have recently released this beautiful track which creates a wonderful relaxing atmosphere 😀
  • UNDER & Ninni Neiler – Snälla bli min 🇸🇪 (28.4k)
    The ‘pretty song of the month’ this month comes from UNDER, you might remember them from last year with their song ‘En säng av rosor’. I love the music UNDER make and you can be sure I’ll be featuring them again sometime soon 🙂

Mamma’s Mest Metal

Stephen’s Feature on the Scottish band North Atlantic Oscillation

  • North Atlantic Oscillation – Ceiling Poem 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (26.1k)
  • North Atlantic Oscillation – Chirality 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (31.1k)
  • North Atlantic Oscillation – Sisters of Mercy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (7742)

#29 May 2022 –Spotify Playlist

  • Dolly Style – SAYONARA 🇸🇪 (861k)
    With their vocals reminding me heavily of the K-pop group BLACKPINK, Swedish group Dolly Style have had enough of us!
  • YOHIO – Daydreams 🇸🇪-🇯🇵 (527k)
    This is one of the latest singles from the Moved-to-Japan Swedish artist YOHIO which sounds a lot like a Panic! At the Disco song to me. There is a single verse in Japanese on this one. 🙂
  • Dopha – Pity Party 🇩🇰 (121k)
    Danish artist Dopha is back and this time she’s throwing a Pity Party!
  • Helena Routa – Jumalasta Seuraava 🇫🇮 (66.1k)
    Finnish artist Helena Routa brings us this catchy song “Next to God”.
  • Heidrunna – Daydreamer 🇮🇸 (23.7k)
    Heidrunna, the Icelandic artist living in South London, brings effortless, gentle vocals in this dreamy song!

Song of the Month, chosen by Karl (from

  • Reiley – Blah Blah Blah 🇫🇴 (76.9k)
    Karl’s chosen a great one this month, I so nearly played this one myself and had it saved for next month!
  • Hrím – Ljómi 🇮🇸 (3457)
    Hrím is back to haunt us with their other worldly vocals and laid back mysterious instrumentals.
  • Pixie Ninja – Auditory Hallucinations 🇳🇴 (<1k)
    Chosen by Mamma, this song is just perfect for data!

Mamma’s Mest Metal

Stephen’s Feature on the Welsh singer/songwriter Meinir Gwilym

  • Meinir Gwilym – Glaw 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (5102)
  • Meinir Gwilym – Gorffen 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (<1k)
  • Meinir Gwilym – Tre’r Ceiri 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (5167)
  • Meinir Gwilym – Hen Gitâr 2 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (<1k)

#28 April 2022 –Spotify Playlist

  • Natasja – Dig Og Mig 🇩🇰 (840k)
    While I was searching for Danish music I came across this interesting genre fusion and had to share it!
  • Elias O – Dansa 🇸🇪 (75k)
    Here is something from a new 20 year old Swedish artist. It has a very catchy chorus!
  • Malka – Maita ja mantuja 🇫🇮 (179k)
    I love the atmosphere of this song, it’s powerful and slightly menacing!
  • Pixey – Supersonic Love 🇬🇧 (31k)
    In true TIAMS analogue style I’m playing the vinyl single of this song that I own! I really like the mellow sound of this song.
  • Mathias Gundhus – Wooden Bones 🇳🇴 (19k)
    This is a little treat from Norway, the acoustic indie sound and guitar plucking is so beautiful!
  • Marlae – Think Out Loud 🇮🇪 (10k)
    Another mellow one for you this time from Ireland. I love the synth keyboard in the right ear, it’s so pretty!

Song of the Month, chosen by Karl (from

  • Daniel Oliver – First, Pop 🇮🇸 (13.4k)
    Daniel Oliver’s back with this amazing bop 😀
  • Elin Kåven – Ulda niktá / Ulda allures Sámi (17k)
    This joik has a very folk-y feel to it and has a wonderful accompaniment of instruments making this song almost spooky!
  • Arild Aas & Adren – Left Behind 🇳🇴 (8.7k)
    Here’s a little-discovered gem I found a little while ago. It has a really nice relaxing vibe to it 😀

Mamma’s Mest Metal

Stephen’s Feature on Astro’n’out

#27 March 2022 –Spotify Playlist

  • Pauline – Ny Og Næ 🇩🇰 (1.6m)
    A recent addition to Denmark’s indie scene, Pauline brings us a more classic style with her great vocals!
  • Ingi Bauer – Veiðimaður (ft. THØR & Bjørn) 🇮🇸 (340k)
    Here is Ingi Bauer’s latest, a proper bop from Iceland!
  • Lydia Ford – Distraction 🇮🇪 (158k)
    A great and catchy track from a little known Irish artist 🙂
  • Agnes Hartwich – Deep Dark Blue 🇫🇮 (40.6k)
    New Finnish artist Agnes brings us a great song with a very atmospheric feel with great use of techno elements.
  • White Ascot – Closer 🇳🇴 (63.1k)
    Ever since I heard this on NRK P3 last year I’ve been wanting to play it on RNEI and never found the right moment, I’m so glad I get to share this one, it’s so gentle and the synths are great! 😀

Song of the Month, chosen by Karl (from

  • Bernt Mikkel Haglund, Johan Ivvar Gaup & Piera Eira – Garen Anna *Sámi (45.9k)
    Here’s something a little different, a mix of Sámi joik and relaxing, melodic EDM that sounds like something Kygo could have produced!
  • Elsa & Emilie – Au Volant (Phil Soda Remix) 🇳🇴(🇩🇪) (47.9k)
    Norwegian duo Elsa & Emilie released Au Volant in 2017 to success reaching 9 million streams. Phil Soda has brought the song back as a dance track preserving the beautiful harmonies while adding catchy dance music elements!
  • Braaten & Aili – Without You 🇳🇴&Sámi (683k)
    Without You was the song played in Scandinavia upon Avicii’s passing. This gorgeous, slowed down, delicate remake adds even more emotion to this mellow dance track.

Mamma’s Mest Metal

Stephen’s Feature on Emma Salokoski

#26 February 2022 –Spotify Playlist

  • Svea S – Langt Imellem 🇩🇰 (300k)
    This is the first single from this new Danish artist, I like her strong vocals and the catchy chorus!
  • TATYANA – Lock U Down 🇬🇧 (11.9k)
    Introduced by TATYANA herself, this is another song with a really catchy chorus and a great instrumental. I sat on this one for months and feel now is a good time for it!
  • Vök – Stadium 🇮🇸 (31.8k)
    Icelandic electro-indie-pop group Vök bring us our first track from 2022 and it’s a strong one complete with great lyrics and a unique Icelandic sound! Mamma found this one 🙂
  • LAOISE – Healthy 🇮🇪 (236k)
    Galwegian artist LAOISE (Said Leesha) gives us mellow indie vibes with this song 😀
  • Inna Marja Amindsen – Elle Sámi (7338)
    Here is a gorgeous version of Elle sung by this little known new artist!

Song of the Month, chosen by Karl (from

  • Dotter – Bon Voyage 🇸🇪 (65.6k)
    Karl has chosen this amazing bop as our song of the month! ..It’s gotten stuck in my head!
  • Subwoolfer – Give That Wolf A Banana (Rose’s Radio Remix) 🇳🇴 (260k)
    I heard this listening to the MGP entries and I love it!
  • Samir Kallio – Siluetit (RNEI Radio Edit) 🇫🇮 (134k)
    Finnish artist Samir Kallio delivers a uniquely Finnish sound to this indie-dance track. I find this song a mix of energetic and calming at the same time.
  • Pusa & Bikkja – Work (RNEI Radio Edit) 🇳🇴 (<1k)
    Norwegian newcomer Bikkja lends her great vocals to this track by the Norwegian dance producer Pusa which contains our playlist data during it’s drops!

Mamma’s Mest Metal

Stephen’s Feature on Sofia Jannok

#25 January 2022 –Spotify Playlist

  • 1, DEVOL, alfakrøll & Emél – Get Me Out 🇳🇴 (13.9k)
    I found this on NRK P3’s Urørt and I love it’s amazing backing mix combined with Emél’s vocals!
  • 2, The Crayon Set – Miss You in My Dreams 🇮🇪 (<1k)
    I don’t remember where I found this one but I’m really glad that I did! This song has a fantastic synth-pop sound with dreamy vocals combining to make a really nice calm track!
  • 3, ILON – tobacco 🇫🇮 (513k)
    This has been a hit in Finland since it came out in March 2021 but never broke out of Finland! It’s really catchy and gets stuck in my head easily 🙂

Your favourites from RNEI 2021

Song of the Month, chosen by Karl (from

  • 8, ILON – Dream 🇫🇮 (48.5k)
    Karl’s choice this month is one of ILON’s softer tracks that’s really relaxing to listen to, I couldn’t not play her twice this show 🙂
  • 9, Tim Jiu – Hjärta 🇸🇪 (36.0k)
    Here is some more gentle synth-pop from a little known Swedish artist who has just made their debut.
  • 10, UNDER – En säng av rosor 🇸🇪 (203k)
    To finish RNEI 25, here is my favourite song from 2021 🙂

Mamma’s Mest Metal

Stephen’s Feature on the Estonian Artist Sibyl Vane