This is an Express Music Show will be coming to an end :(

Hei alle,

It’s with sadness I write the news that This is a Music Show has finished it’s spectacular broadcast run on WRMI. The show popularised music-related digital data over shortwave and gave us all hundreds of hours of amazing musical finds. There are some near-complete archives of TIAMS available online, I know Daz has a fantastic high-quality one available here.

This is a Music Show was an inspiration to us at RNEI. I remember first listening to TIAMS show #7 and finding it so great! I feel honoured to have worked with Your Host to deliver the ‘This is an Express Music Show’ feature since RNEI #2 back in March 2020! It’s always been a treat to hear the selections of vinyl he had found!

From September 2023, there will be a 30 minute gap to fill for European broadcasts. We’re currently thinking of introducing Mamma’s WRMI feature to Channel 292 broadcasts as well as bringing a 15 minute version of DK Radio to Channel 292 to fill up the gap. If you have any comments or suggestions about the changes, please do get in touch!

The “This is a Music Show” slot on WRMI has been taken over by Radio Carpathia (02-02:30UTC) and RNEI (02:30-3UTC) to keep Wednesdays on 5850kHz music show days! We are planing to have DK Radio on our slot due to the positive reaction to his RNEIxtra show!

I wish YH all the best on his adventures and hope he’ll be back with us one day in the future!

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