Requesting a QSL card


This is a short guide on how to write a reception report and request a QSL card from RNEI, we accept reception reports from Shortwave, FM and On Demand listeners!

  • Have something you can write on (pen and paper or computer) ready.
  • Write down the frequency, date, time and how good you think the signal sounds (SINPO).
  • Write down what you are hearing and any comments you have about the show.
  • Start composing an email to us (qsl [@] containing your reception report (attachment is fine) and address if you want the chance to get a physical postcard QSL from us.
  • Attach any recordings you made to your email, we do like listening to these!
  • Click send on the email

Our QSL response history:

DateWriting QSLs fromSending eQSLs fromQSL DelayeQSL Delay
July 2020April 2020April 20203-4 Months3-4 Months
August 2020 –
– February 2021
May 2020May 2020StalledStalled
March 2021June 2020June 20209-10 Months9-10 Months
April 2021September 2020August 20207-8 Months8-9 Months
May 2021April 2021April 20211-2 Months1-2 Months
July 2021June 2021June 2021~1 Month~1 Month
January 2022September 2021September 20214 Months4 Months
Note: the QSL writing date is not the dispatch date. The Armenian Test isn’t accounted for in this table.

We are currently reading reception reports from January 2022, writing QSL cards from September 2021 and
sending eQSLs from September 2021.
Notes: Due to these delays we are currently sending only static image eQSLs rather than full data eQSLs due to the time needed to create them.
We will issue one QSL card per show per listener. We try to send multiple cards in one envelope to save on postage cost which contributes to the delays in physical QSL cards.