Radio Northern Europe Show #1 summary and Show #2 announcement!

Hello everybody!

We want to start this post off by thanking all of you heavily! We expected maybe 1 or 2 people would listen and send in a report and maybe they’ll also send feedback … we didn’t expect the amazing response we received! To all of you who wrote in with suggestions, nice comments and feedback, we can’t thank you enough, it brightens our day when we read them!

We’ll start with a final summary of RNEI #1 and then a very exciting announcement for RNEI #2 (hint, it involves TIAMS!)

We received over 40 emailed reception reports which was unexpected and loads of them had wonderful and encouraging comments. We had people in Japan staying up until the early hours of the morning to hear RNEI, a Canadian catching us on their receiver in Newfoundland and so many more listeners than we could have ever predicted. Thank you for all of your support!!

Map of all reception reports in shapes and colours!
We had listeners email in from Asia, North and South America, Australia and all over Europe!

The MFSK 64 was a half-success, most people got some of it which isn’t bad!
Here are some of the decodes people managed to get and send in:

A listener of ours has put together this look at our MFSK section:

The song list for show #1 was:
Track 1: SeeB & Julie Bergan with Kiss Somebody 🇳🇴
Track 2: Anna of the North with My Love 🇳🇴
Track 3: Evelina with Hitaasti 🇫🇮
Track 4: Aron Can + Friðrik Dór with Hingað þangað 🇮🇸
Track 5: Eviør with Í tokuni 🇫🇴 (Territory of 🇩🇰 )
Track 6: Thomas Stenström with Nån Annan 🇸🇪
Track 7: Jonathan Floyd with Ække Meg 🇳🇴
Track 8: Smith & Thell with Goliath 🇸🇪
Track 9: The Prodigy with Omen 🇬🇧

Now for the exciting news!

Radio Northern Europe International has worked with This is a Music Show to make a broadcast consisting of 30 minutes of RNEI and 30 minutes of TIAMS, that’s 1 hour of great music!
We really love what TIAMS has made for us and we can’t wait to share it with you!!

Radio Northern Europe International show #2 will have music from Iceland, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland this month, I really love the music we are playing and we hope to introduce you to some new music this month!
Songs 4,5 and 6 are my favourites this show!

Broadcast Times:
We have good news to those of you not in Europe and those of you nearer the transmitter, multiple times throughout the month! RNEI #2 will broadcast 5 times on 6070KHz at the following times:

Saturday the 7th of March 2020, 10-11UTC
Saturday the 7th of March 2020, 19-20UTC
Friday the 13th of March 2020, 11-12UTC
Sunday the 22nd of March 2020, 19-20UTC *UPDATE*
Sunday the 29th of March 2020, 01-02UTC (this time is very experimental!)

Digital modes:
In RNEI Show #2 the final song will have the MFSK32 embedded into it. This time: text, Emoji and some Icelandic art! (Note, an app like TIVAR shows the emoji!)
TIAMS’ contribution will contain some MFSK64 text and an MFSK64 image!
Many thanks to one of our listeners for suggesting our final MFSK song!

Audio Processing:
This show Daz has been working hard making an audio processor to try and expand the audio range of RNEI! We have decided on trying to broadcast a flat signal to combat the noise floor. This means that the highs might come across a bit too bright and the bass might feel bit lacking.
Don’t worry, a little bit of EQ on the receiver should reverse it ending up with a better frequency range than before! Most standalone radios should already apply a high frequency reduction however SDRs can omit this!

You can send your reception reports, feedback and suggestions for RNEI to [email protected]!
Wishing you good reception conditions and all the best,

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