Radio Northern Europe International #3 & TIAEMS April 2020 annoucement!

Hello everyone,
The show is finished, transmitter time booked and pre-processing done so it’s time to announce RNEI #3 & TIAEMS April 2020 to all of you!

Before we continue, we need to announce something pretty special and unique about this and future RNEI broadcasts:
RNEI is now broadcasting in Comb Stereo. It’s a standard we made and it’s a really nice addition to having a mono only broadcast. It’s easy to decode and it doesn’t degrade the mono signal!
For more information about the system and how it is decoded please see

RNEI #3 features 30 minutes of our favourite music from all over Northern Europe; Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland this show. I’ve really enjoyed choosing the music and putting it all together, I really hope you enjoy listening to it 😄
We will also have the playlist sent in MFSK32 embedded into the final song, very similar to show #1 (we’ve worked extra hard to make it as hidden as possible which was a massive challenge this time, it’s in 2 parts during the final song with an RxID at the start of the final song).

Just like last month, TIAMS has been kind enough to join forces and make us a 30 minute express version of his show which I have loved listening to and I’m sure you will love it too!

Here is our schedule for April: (We have made a rough guide on where we are targeting with our times, if you aren’t covered but are still in Europe it’s always worth a try!)

DateTimeFrequencyTarget Zone
Sunday the 5th of April 202018:00 UTC6070KHzZone 1+2
Saturday the 11th of April 202018:00 UTC6070KHzZone 1+2
Friday the 17th of April 202010:00 UTC6070KHzZone 1
Saturday the 25th of April 202000:00 UTC6070KHzZone 2+
Sunday the 26th of April 202018:00 UTC6070KHzZone 1+2

We have had some questions on how to decode the text so we have written a guide for anyone who owns an Android device! You can read it here:
We have also made our processor much brighter so you might want to read our recommendations about listening without it being too harsh on your ears here:
And, lastly, we have written a short guide for SDR users with some tips for those new to shortwave on optimising the sound quality of RNEI here:

Hopefully you manage to hear our show for April!
Wishing you all the best health during this pandemic and hoping you all stay happy,
– Roseanna

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