Radio Northern Europe International #4 & TIAEMS May 2020 annoucement!

Hello everyone,

Last broadcast was pretty successful with many wonderful reception reports and some people sending in decodes of the stereo which is amazing to hear!

A reminder to go to to learn how to decode the stereo, it is real stereo over a mono shortwave transmitter!

RNEI show 4 is half dedicated to Eurovision entries so the first half of the show is an entery from each Nordic country and after that we take a trip to some Faroese and Irish traditional musics before ending with our favourite Eurovision entry from this year and the final song containing the MFSK 32!

TIAMS has made another 30 minute express music show for after our broadcast for you to enjoy!

DateTimeFrequencyTarget Zone
Sunday the 3rd of May 202018:00 UTC6070KHzZone 1+2
Saturday the 9th of May 202018:00 UTC6070KHzZone 1+2
Friday the 15th of May 202010:00 UTC6070KHzZone 1
Saturday the 23rd of May 202000:00 UTC6070KHzZone 2+
Sunday the 31st of May 202018:00 UTC6070KHzZone 1+2

Some guides: – RNEI Digital modes on Android – Some tips for de-emphasis – Tips for SDR users.

Wishing you all to stay safe during these times and I hope you enjoy the show,
All the best, Roseanna,
Radio Northern Europe International

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