Radio Northern Europe International #6 & TIAEMS July 2020 annoucement!

Hello everyone,

This is just a little announcement post for the next instalment of RNEI!

Our show for July 2020 will have a few pop, traditional and dance songs for you to enjoy!
We are also trialling a digital text system using MFSK16 that could potentially run throughout next show. It’s a little above 5K audio so to decode it you will need to adjust your equipment to receive it!

A reminder to go to to learn how to decode the stereo in our broadcasts.

Just in time we managed to get the TIAEMS segment into the final show file and I’ve literally just finished listening to it and I can confirm it is good so hopefully you stick around for that!

DateTimeFrequencyTarget Zone
Sunday the 5th of July 202018:00 UTC6070KHzZone 1+2
Saturday the 11th of July 202018:00 UTC6070KHzZone 1+2
Friday the 17th of July 202010:00 UTC6070KHzZone 1
Saturday the 25th of July 202000:00 UTC6070KHzZone 2+
Sunday the 26th of July 202018:00 UTC6070KHzZone 1+2

Some guides: – Some tips for de-emphasis – Tips for SDR users.

Wishing all of you all the best and I really hope you enjoy this show,
Radio Northern Europe International