Radio Northern Europe International Show 7 & TIAEMS August 2020 announcement

Hello all,

Just writing to announce RNEI #7 & TIAEMS August 2020 starts on Sunday the second of August 2020!

Our show is packed with some great pop and dance music from Northern Europe including quite a few Icelandic and Norwegian songs this month and a very interesting song from the UK too!
There is a little less traditional music than is average this show which I’ll make up for next month, but hopefully you’ll enjoy what is in this month’s show!

Our digital this time is PSK500R at the end of the show and TIAEMS is MFSK 64.

The Stereo Decoder has been updated so we recommend you download the latest one, it sounds much less artefact-y! (Demo here:

Our broadcast times are on the table below:

DateTimeFrequency-TXTarget Zone
Sunday the 2nd of August 202018:00 UTC6070KHz-1Zone 1+2
Saturday the 8th of August 202018:00 UTC6070KHz-1Zone 1+2
Friday the 14th of August 202010:00 UTC6070KHz-1Zone 1
Saturday the 22nd of August 202000:00 UTC6070KHz-1Zone 2+
Sunday the 23rd of August 202005:00UTC5940KHz-2Benelux & N EU
Sunday the 30th of August 202018:00 UTC6070KHz-1Zone 1+2
Every Friday09:30 UTC3210USB-3Aus&NZ
Every Saturday09:30 UTC3210USB-3Aus&NZ
TX 1 is Channel 292, TX 2 is Radio Onda and TX 3 is Unique Radio

We hope you tune in and enjoy this months show, wishing you all the best,
Until next month,
Ha det!