Radio Northern Europe International is now available on WRMI!

Hello everyone,

RNEI has arranged a deal with WRMI to bring you our latest monthly show every Thursday at 1UTC on 5850KHz (Wednesday night US time – just before TIAMS!)

Because these broadcasts are 1 hour long rather than our usual 30 minutes it allows us to have a little extra content we are calling RNEIX(tra).

This week’s RNEIX is our show from April 2020!

We will be broadcasting with similar processing to TIAMS so expect high fidelity sound in Comb Stereo 🙂

For our European fans:
New RNEI shows will always go out first on 6070KHz Channel 292 befo e WRMI and any extra content will be available on demand.

We hope you can tune in and enjoy the show,

– Rose