Radio Northern Europe International Show 10 announcement

Hei all!

I want to start this off wishing all of you a good Halloween and hoping everyone is safe and well!
RNEI show #10 goes on air for the first time on Sunday the 1st of November!

RNEI #10 features music like:

  • A sweet song introduced by Norwegian artist Synne Hoff
  • Some funky Icelandic music
  • A trio of the latest dance music tracks including Galantis and Moonshine
  • Our edit of an 80s song mixing English and Danish language versions
  • A Faroese traditional song by Kata which sounds amazing in stereo!

RNEI #10 features extras like:

  • OLIVIA 4-125 with now playing information inside every song at 1240Hz
  • Easypal inside the interval signal of a 7z file containing a html doccument
  • PSK1000R … it shouldn’t work well so it’ll be interesting to see what happens
  • Comb stereo encoding allowing a recording made on any radio to be turned into a stereo version!

Important notes: On WRMI the broadcasts are 30 seconds shorter necessitating a shorter interval signal and therefore a different Easypal segment than the Channel 292 and Radio Onda broadcasts. Expect potential changes e.g. QAM64 or lesser error correction modes. The version sent to World FM, Unique Radio and later On-Demand will be the “HQ” version, meaning it doesn’t have the Easypal (because it sounds nasty) nor does it use the Comb Stereo system.

This Is An Express Music Show for November 2020 is also included in our Channel 292 broadcasts and contains a load of great vinyl music and some MFSK64 data!

Due to the shortwave schedule changing there is no set-in-stone broadcast dates like there usually is so keep an eye on to see when we are expecting RNEI to be broadcast!

QSLs haven’t really moved much since last month, they’ll be done at some point soon™

Wishing you all the best,
Until next month,