Hei alle sammen,

We all know that you like reading statistics and thought this would be a pretty interesting way to show our statistics over the last year! Brace yourselves for lots of charts and graphs 🙂

As you can see, we have worked on addressing last year’s Norwegian centric balance, however we do still see some countries being under-represented; most notably Finland and Ireland!

Our next chart shows genre balance of our musical choices in 2021:

We can see that there was one show where we featured no smaller artists. We will strive to make sure every show features many smaller artists’ songs. Our “under 2 million stream on the song” policy on the main RNEI show might need some tweaking to make sure smaller artists aren’t being overtaken by a lesser known song from a big artist!

Next we shall have a look at which broadcasts our listeners engaged with the most.

It is clear that 6070, 9670 332 and the WRMI broadcasts are the most engaged-with broadcasts of RNEI. We are considering cost-cutting measures and might reduce our output to just those 4 frequencies. Listener feedback on this idea would be very useful!