Radio Northern Europe International show 13 announcement

Hei alle,
Sorry about this late announcement!
RNEI #13 has made it on air this month! The first 10 minutes are a normal RNEI show including the song ‘Pretty’, a really cute song that is still stuck in my head! The next 20 minutes of the show is a bit of a ‘best of 2020 mix’ full of RNEIs best from 2020 voted by you!

Our broadcasters for this month are:
Channel 292’s 3955KHz and 6070KHz
WRMI’s 5850KHz and 7780KHz
Radio Onda’s 6140KHz
Unique Radio Australia
World FM 88.2MHz & 107.6MHz
On Demand on Mixcloud after the broadcasts

The Bonus’ this show:
– PSK500R Song playlist embedded into the final song.
– HamDRM with our Animated HTML Playlist.
– An ‘AirQSL’ sent in MFSK64.
– Comb Stereo encoding for Shortwave compatible with any radio, for more information please see

An important extra note for RNEI 13: On WRMI the broadcast is longer so the songs in the 20 minute mix are played in full to become a 40 minute mix. Due to the extra time on WRMI broadcasts the HamDRM is in more robust modes.

You can find the schedule here: (

Wishing you all the best,
Until next month,