RNEI Test Transmission to the whole of Europe on Sunday the 28th of March, 17:30UTC. 7420KHz

Hei all,

We’re having a test transmission from Armenia this Sunday, the 28th of March 2021. on 7420KHz.
You’ll hear RNEI 15 but different songs will use different processing so we’d love it if you told us which songs sounded the best sound quality and which sounded the worst sound quality on your equipment!

This transmission will be with 100kW being fed into a 330 degrees beam that delivers signal to the following:

Strong Signal:

  • Ireland
  • UK
  • Nordic Countries (Finland, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Isands, Iceland & Denmark)
  • Baltic Countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia)
  • Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
  • Poland
  • North and West Germany
  • Northern Switzerland
  • Central and Northern France
  • Belarus
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Moldova
  • Ukraine
  • Hungary
  • Slovakia
  • North Macedonia
  • East Bosnia
  • Serbia
  • East Czechia

Good Signal:

  • Greece
  • Albania
  • West Bosnia
  • Slovenia
  • Austria
  • Southern Switzerland
  • Northern Italy
  • West Czechia
  • Croatia
  • Montenegro
  • Spain
  • Portugal

We look forward to reading your reception reports!
Wishing you well