RNEI’s test broadcast from Armenia: Results

What a disaster that was!

For starters this is the reaction to the Quality:

And we can see why, just have a little listen to this comparison between Channel 292 6070 and Armenia 7420:
Note these are demodulated in ways that eliminate fading related distortion. You are hearing transmitter distortion, not fading.

Our De-emphasis EQ. Armenia recordings are in ISB stereo, Channel 292 ones are in USB mono due to 6065KHz interfering.
Sample 1: Sea Shanty – Armenia (From OH1RJ’s KiwiSDR)
Sample 1: Sea Shanty – Channel 292 (Irelandnorthwest KiwiSDR)
Sample 2: Mä välitän – Armenia (From OH1RJ’s KiwiSDR)
Sample 2: Mä välitän – Channel 292 (Irelandnorhwest KiwiSDR)
Sample 3: HKF – Armenia (OH1RJ’s KiwiSDR)
Sample 3: HKF – Channel 292 (Irelandnorthwest KiwiSDR)

We’ve noticed a 150Hz high pass filter killing all bass, Humming coming from the transmitter, China Interference and Heavily overdriven levels

And the problems didn’t stop with the audio quality, the broadcast started 55 seconds late and we were advised to use a frequency that ended up being used by China. The signal strength was also very poor despite the band being active and our given estimates. Mostly only the Nordic countries got over S9.

The broadcast turned into Noise, Distortion and falling under China throughout.

It appears there is a serious audio levels error in their equipment.

Thank you to everyone who emailed in, your feedback confirmed our experience of a very disappointing broadcast. We are trailing a summer schedule without this frequency over April, please check it out and tell us what you think!

Wishing you all well,