RNEI’s server has now moved … and you (hopefully) didn’t notice!

Hei alle,

Today marks the transition away from our Norwegian server to a new setup of 2 servers; one in Sweden and a future one in Finland!
This process took roughly 11 – 12 hours with the total downtime of rnei.org being less than 15 minutes!

The reasons for this migration were cost savings and, as an apolitical station, we didn’t feel comfortable giving your donated money to the company that recently acquired the Norwegian host we were using. Our old server was costing us upwards of 20 EUR a month.

With this new server the costs are $5 a month with another server (Currently in Amsterdam while we await availability in Helsinki) for hosting the RNEI wav files costing 4.50EUR a month. This will save us about 10EUR / Month which will allow us to continue broadcasting on 6070KHz into the future as well as keeping the new 15770KHz WRMI slot!

If you notice anything is broken with this site, please do email us!
Wishing you all well,
Til vi møtes igjen,