Radio Northern Europe International Show #29 Announcement

Hei alle sammen,

RNEI #29 goes on air this Sunday!
Here are some of the exciting things to look forward to in this months’ show:

  • Some K&J-pop inspired choices from YOHIO and Dolly Style
  • Dopha is back and this time she’s having a Pity Party
  • Helena Routa brings some great Finnish music
  • Icelandic artist Heidrunna brings us some mellow synth-pop
  • Faroese artist Reiley is getting tired of the gossip
  • Two mysterious tracks to end the show, leading into Mamma’s show on some broadcasts, complete with the MFSK 64 data embedded inside
  • On WRMI 5850, 7730 and some 15770 broadcasts and our On-Demand shows you’ll also hear:
    • Mamma’s Mest Metal with some fantastic choices for you to enjoy
    • Stephen’s Feature on the Welsh artist Meinir Gwilym
    • Daz’s EasyDRF Playlist (Decoder here – Not available On-Demand)
  • On Channel 292 (And some 15770 WRMI broadcasts) you’ll also hear :
    • You will hear a fantastic episode of This is an Express Music Show
    • You’ll also have a chance to receive Daz’s EasyDRF Playlist (Decoder here) just before TIAEMS starts
RNEI Winter 2022 Target Map (v0.6)
Day of MonthTimeFrequencyAz
Sunday 1st11:00 UTC6070KHzND
Sunday 8th11:00 UTC9670KHz332°
Saturday 14th21:00 UTC9670KHz80°
Every Thursday01:00 UTC5850KHz315°
Every Thursday01:00 UTC7730KHz44°
Every Thursday13:00 UTC15770KHz44°
Every Sunday01:00
ND = non directional. Click the ° to see details. The colour of
AZ matches the map prediction.
For more information please see

We have stuck with 15770KHz for weekly broadcasts to Europe and, with the help of our lovely Patreons Mikey and Frigid, we have brought back some of the beamed broadcasts from Channel 292 which bring a good signal to Northern Europe!
We have found that80°can have a hearable signal inBraziland surrounding areas as well as a strong signal inPortugal & Spain.
332°has a good backbeambetween Ukraine and Italy.

If you miss the show or are unable to hear it you can always catch up on demand and, if you prefer to only hear our music, we have Spotify Playlists of each show which are usually published shortly after the first broadcast of the show on WRMI!

We hope you enjoy this show and look forward to receiving your feedback and reception report emails,
Til vi møtes igjen,