A little catch-up

Hei alle,

As you might have noticed, I’ve forgotten to update the website for a few month. I apologise for that!
I worked hard today and caught up with a lot of the website backlog and hope to resume prompt updates here!

  • RNEI #30, 31 & 32’s Playlists are now published with YouTube links and comments
  • RNEI #28, 29, 30, 31 & 32 have their Spotify Playlist published now too!
  • RNEI #30, 31 & 32 are also now available On-Demand on Mixcloud 🙂

The reason for these delays have been some personal things and also some exciting future plans for some of my other projects but don’t worry, RNEI is going nowhere!

With rising costs in Europe there could come a time the schedule will have to be modified and some broadcasts cut. We’re holding off as long as possible for this though and hope to keep the full schedule as it is now until January 2023!

I will start work on designing our annual report for 2022 and putting in the available data I have now in the coming weeks too.

And of course, for those in the USA, I hope you enjoy the show on Wednesday evening / early Thursday UTC 🙂

– Roseanna