Broadcasting to the Pacific!

Hei alle sammen,

We’ve been looking into renting Bao-Zhong (Paochung) to broadcast to the Pacific with a specific target of Japan and Korea. We’ve had very little presence in the Pacific region since we started but we now have an opportunity to rent Bao-Zhong occasionally (a few times a year) to increase our coverage area!

Here is a map of Radio Taiwan’s 45° 9740kHz on 2023.01.20 measured using KiwiSDRs

We are planning on renting the transmitter between 10:25 – 10:55UTC on a Friday on 9865kHz. Ideally on the 3rd of February and the 3rd of March with one broadcast being an RNEIxtra show and the other being the RNEI 38 broadcast for February (it’ll be 3 years of RNEI).

In some local times thats:

  • 02:25 in USA (PST)
  • 07:25 in Brazil & Argentina
  • 17:25 in Thailand
  • 18:25 in Philippines & China
  • 19:25 in Japan & Korea,
  • 21:25 in Sydney, Australia
  • 23:25 in Aotearoa / New Zealand

We’ll be bringing you more updates as we get more news to share on this exciting new transmission to the Pacific targeting Japan and Korea!