RNEIxtra #7: Japanese Special #2 for February 2023! (Taiwan update!)

Hei alle sammen,

I’m excited to officially announce the first RNEIxtra special of the year which goes on air during the first week of February 2023!
We have created a new Japanese special, this time tasked to find modern lesser known music in the “RNEI Remit” style!
I have written you all a hint filled announcement message:

It may feel like the spring is far away but it has been almost 8 months since we said “goodbye spring”. It will come sooner than we think! During these remaining dark evenings of neon lights and gloomy blue dreams, it might feel good to tune into our special broadcast full of uplifting Japanese music!
While I am just an invisible girl on the radio, I am quite excited to share these wonderful songs with all of you, almost as excited as I am to see Suzume at the cinema in spring!
So turn on your radio on Wednesday evening (2023.02.02, 1UTC), tune to 5850kHz, make sure you’re comfy so you can feel the resonance of the music and pyabaraba you’re ready to enjoy the show 🙂

Rose. (All the translated song names are hidden in here!)

I’m so excited to see what you make of the music choices I have made, A lot of the choices are personal favourite songs of mine though a variety of genres so hopefully there’s something for everyone :).

I speak some Japanese in this show, I’d like to apologise already for the cringy-ness that might arise hearing that!

This special will be broadcasting over WRMI on 5010kHz, 5850kHz, 7730kHz and 15770kHz, over Channel 292 on 9670kHz and is planned to be broadcast over the test transmissions to the Pacific targeting Japan and Korea on 9900kHz!

This table shows where you can hear the show! Some of the entries (marked with stars) are unconfirmed currently and could change at any moment so keep an eye on this website and our Twitter!

9900kHz should have good signal all over the Pacific from South America to Oceania to West Coast USA.

9670kHz has a good signal all over Europe outside of Central Europe with the beam focusing on Northern Europe and Southern Europe on the backbeam!

Date & TimeFrequencyTarget
2nd of February
2nd of February
7730kHz &
Europe &
Middle East
3rd of February
9670kHzNorth West
4th of February
Japan & Korea.
5th of February
& South
Please keep an eye out for updates!

We hope you enjoy listening to the shows and look forward to hearing your comments and feedback!
Til next time,