2023.02.26 The RNEI Paochung “Big QSL” – RNEI 褒忠「大きい受信確認証」です!

Hei alle,

Our second broadcast to Japan from Paochung was a great success!

This post will be a “Big QSL” to thank everyone for sending in their reports and feedback on the broadcast!

Firstly, we would like to share some of our listeners’ comments and reply to them!

  • Akiyoshi T.:“I was glad to be able to enjoy Scandinavian music to the fullest.” “By the way, you’ve created a new email address, this time specifically as a window for receiving reports of broadcasts for “JP”! Your seriousness is evident.”We hope to stay broadcasting to Japan over the summer. I’m glad you enjoyed the Scandinavian music ^_^
  • Hidemitsu M.:“I think it is awesome to be able to speak Japanese. You did it very well !!” “Thank you very much QSL-answer and Again Japanese Broadcast.”I’m glad you could understand the Japanese! I’m glad you enjoyed the show!
  • Gakuji M.:“Music is nice and makes me happy. I love your station”I’m really glad the show brought you happiness :3
  • Xu M.:“I will add these songs to my playlist. My favorite song is Not an Answer.”Not an Answer is such a good song isn’t it, I’m happy to contribute to your playlist :3
  • Hideki M.:“Thank you again for your program. I also enjoyed the previous program of 4 February but prefer today’s one because I don’t have so many chances to know the latest music trend in northern Europe.”I’m relieved people also like the “normal” RNEI show format for the Japanese broadcasts!
  • Tooru G.:“My favorite songs from this show are: *Búið Og Bless – BRÍET, Aron Can, Páll Óskar & Diddú *Not an Answer – Samira Manners Please keep playing wonderful European songs.”Those 2 are fantastic aren’t they ^_^
  • Kouhei Y.:“This was my first time listening to your programme and it made me really happy. I usually don’t have a chance to listen to northern european pop but I believe your amazing show opened up my mind … Samira Manners won the heart of me.”That’s fantastic to hear! Not an Answer seems to be the most popular song of this show :3
  • Zhenheng K.:“Lots of Northern European music today and really enjoy the music. The program arrangement today is great, and it really show your station’s unique style.”I’m really pleased to hear that 😀
  • Sakae O.:“It was a pity that the EasyDRF signal at the end was cut off … I tried Comb Stereo this time and it is impressive. The played songs from Europe were very nice! Thank you for mentioning my name for Patreon.”It was a shame. We have a new idea for the next broadcast, perhaps it will air to the end this time 😉 Comb Stereo is quite fun and I’m glad to hear you liked the song selection too, thank you so much for your support of the station!
  • Mikio K.:“I would be happy if you could introduce simple songs, such as Nordic songs with only one singer and piano, singer and guitar, or singer and flute.”We have something you might like in RNEI #39 😉
  • Hiroshi A.:“I listened to your radio station for the first time. I like listening to overseas radio … I learned on SNS that your station will be doing a Japanese program this time. Ms Rose,you speak Japanese very well..i enjoyed your broadcast and some European music. Please continue your Japanese program. I’m looking forward to next time.”Thank you for the lovely detailed report and comments, I’m glad you enjoyed the show and managed to understand me! I hope you can tune in again next time too :3
  • Takuji S.:“I was able to enjoy Nordic music today. After the broadcast, I downloaded some songs. Also, thank you for the announcement in Japanese. You are studying well.” “Next time, I would like to listen to Japanese music selected by your station staff from the menu in the previous email.”It’s fantastic to hear you liked the music to download some! We’ll have to do another Japanese music special in the coming months 🙂
  • Hideki O.:Thank you for for the hand written report, it’s wonderful to see! I hope you get to enjoy the next show too!
  • Masahiro K.:“I could not imagine that I heard such a pleasant radio program from a Nordic country before I received RNEI. Everything really popped about your program!” “I enjoyed listening to songs, some pop, some cute, some exotic … I was really impressed by cute talk in Japanese, and above all the song “Not An Answer” by Ms. Manners, which sounded so soothing to me”Ms. Manners’ song is so popular today! I’m so glad to read how happy you were listening to the show ^_^
  • Pradip C. K.:“It was just after the midday here at my location with blazing sunshine. So, the signal was not so good and some fading problems were there.”Pradip heard the show all the way in North East India, that’s amazing!
  • Norihiko I.:“The country may not be included in this region but if possible, I would like to listen to the popular songs of Estonia, where my wife used to work and live and I visited for more than 10 times. The country is beautiful and the people there love music very much.”Estonia is an amazing country and it is in the UN definition of Northern Europe which we use to define our country list! I’ve added something Estonian to next show that might be what Mikio K. was looking for 😀
  • Shin M.:“This time I could hear the current songs of singers from various Northern European countries, and for me it was more enjoyable than the last time. Your Japanese is so cute. It is communicated properly, so please you will speak in your program without worrying too much about mistakes.”I’m glad you preferred the music from Northern Europe and you liked my Japanese 😀
  • Yoichi T.:“My favorite song on the air today is “It’s not just me” (Let’s Eat Grandma). It’s a lot of fun to know good songs. Thank you. And one more thing. I also enjoyed looking up the meaning of song titles of Northern European languages such as Icelandic, Finnish and Danish. I look forward to hearing your Japanese again. Thank you. またね。”“It’s Not Just Me” was one of my favourite songs in 2018!! I’m glad you liked the music :3
  • Satoshi I.:“I think today’s music is very rare (song by Icelandic and Irish musicians) in Japan even if we may find them from their web site and i-tunes.” “I hope you play more the Nordic musicians’ music”I was thinking it would be uncommon to hear these songs in Japan, it’s fantastic to bring them to a new audience! (My Favourite 深夜便 show is 日本の歌心の歌 ^_^)
  • Hirokazu M.:“Thank you very much for letting me listen to a lot of Nordic countries’ wonderful music. Incidentally, of all the songs you played this time, my favorite song is “Used To Be Mine” by Emma Wahlin. I was fascinated by the mournful melody line she produced. Furthermore, I thought that her “Make A Move” and “Technicolor” which I found on YouTube were also good songs. I would like to pay attention to her songs from now on.”I’m so happy to read that you liked Emma Wahlin’s songs! I love her music so much!
  • Kazuyuki K.:“Thank you for many cute and lovely North-European songs. I enjoyed at all. Rose’s talk in Japanese is better than before broadcasts on Feb.5th. ARIGATOH & Thank you very much.”I’m happy you enjoyed the show :D. I’ve had help from some of the listeners to try and learn more Japanese for the radio!
  • Shinya H.:“I am employed as an animator and character designer of Japanese TV animation.” “Your signals were very good this night, and enjoyed many North European music!”I love TV Anime from Japan! I’m so glad you enjoyed the show with good signal too 🙂
  • Tomio Y.:“I have really enjoyed your program #38 and greatly appreciated your giving me an opportunity to remind me of the excellent time I had more than 20 years ago. I lived in Malmö Sweden from April 1998 to December 2002 as a medical researcher in Lund University. My colleagues and I always listened to FM radio stations in my laboratory, so nordic pop musics have been still very familiar to me. I look forward to the next Japanese program.”I’m really glad you enjoyed the program! Malmö is a lovely place and I’m really happy you got to relive good memories :3

We would like to confirm the reception reports for the Paochung broadcast from the following listeners:

Reiwa S., Akiyoshi T., Hidemitsu M., Gakuji M., Xu M., Hideki M., Cen Z. X., Hiromichi K., Koji T., MeiLin, John Z. A., Tooru G., Kouhei Y., Kazuaki O., Koichiro K., Masaaki T., Koji S., Zhenheng K., Sakae O., Mikio K., Hiroshi A., Takuji S., Satoru N., Hideki O., Masahiro K., Koji F., Norihiko F., Hiromichi K., Pradip C. K., Tatsuya O., Norihiko I., Takahito A., Shin M., Akio U., Yoichi T., Shin A., Satoshi I., Nobuo T., Iwao N., Hironobu T., Naoyuki C., Hirokazu M., Tatsuya S., Miyao N., Toshiki T., Yoshinao H., Kazuyuki K., Yuki O., Atsushi G., Hiroshi K., Kenji H., Watatsuna U., Toshiki M., Shinya H., Ian Z., Hideo S., Gao Y., Harumasa Y., Atsuhiko T., Akira T., Tomoharu U., Tetsuya Y. & Tomio Y.

Below is our eQSL card from the RNEIxtra #7 broadcast for everyone to enjoy!

Thank you so much for tuning into RNEI-JP #38.
We look forward to you tuning into RNEI-JP #39 (9900kHz, 09:25UTC, 2023.03.25)
Til vi møtes igjen / また次回,
Ha det~ / またね~
– Rose