2022.03.25 RNEI Paochung “Big QSL” 大きい受信確認証です!


We don’t have the resources to email all of you individually with confirmation QSLs, so we thought we’d confirm your reception with this webpage instead, dedicated to all of our wonderful listeners!

Firstly, if you would like your name removed from this and future pages like it, please email us.
Now for the “Big QSL” (Apologies for using lots of English throughout this post. I will try and learn more Japanese!)

Here we would like to share some of our listeners’ comments and reply to them!

  • Reiwa S.:“Oha-konban-nichiwa! I am very happy to be able to hear you very well again. I was able to enjoy a wonderful song again this time. Your Japanese is getting better. I’m looking forward to next month’s broadcast.”I’m so happy to hear you liked the show ^_^
  • Ding L.:“I like RNEI’s music programs broadcast to Japan and South Korea very much. I hear a lot of Nordic and Japanese music on this program. I hope that in the future, I can broadcast programs to China and broadcast Chinese style music.”Ooo, that’s an interesting idea! We try and play music that other stations wouldn’t. I might have to look for some indie Chinese pop and see what it’s like!
  • Akiyoshi T.:“I was happy to hear European pop music again today. I’m into NK-pop these days … In Japan, it’s known as a meme. I’m not rooting for North Korea” either.”I’m glad you enjoyed the music! Some of the NK music from Voice of Korea is quite interesting isn’t it! Like being transported to a different world!
  • Cen Z. X.:“I am very enjoy the music and songs, deeply hope to receive RNEI station in my location again. Thank you so much for you kindly attention,”I hope that you can hear us again next time and continue to enjoy our shows!
  • Satoru N.:“The RNEI program plays music from Northern Europe, which I really enjoy. I was surprised that the announcer’s Japanese has improved.”I’ve been having a lot of help from our listeners to learn more Japanese presenting words and phrases, I have to give thanks to everyone who has been helping me out!
  • Masahiro K.:“thanks for your “Big QSL” for the transmission #38. I love its cute Nordic design. Every song played in the program turned me on, above all, I was impressed by “Quand La Vie Fait Mal” and “Liisa Pehmes Süles, which made me feel something warm and familiar. At first I thought shortwave broadcast was only for news, commentaries, etc., owing to its mediocre sound quality, but they sounded rather pleasant. Now I have been convinced that it is great for music programs.”This message is so fantastic to read! Music on shortwave is a challenge to make sound good but we feel that there is a certain charm to the sound of shortwave! Those two songs are great aren’t they :3
  • Tatsuya O.:“Hello, Roseanna! Thank you for your 3rd special show to Japan…. The songs you selected were all beautiful and made me relaxed. I hope to listen to such songs in your next show, too.”That’s lovely to hear! I really hope you can relax to our future shows too ^_^
  • Shin M.:“The selection of music this time was also very soothing. I especially liked “Sirener” by Lærke Emilie. I loved the rhythm of the song and her husky voice. I look forward to the next opportunity. Please continue to take care of your health.”Sirener is such a soothing Danish song 😀 I’m glad you liked it! I’ll try and stay well, I wish you health too :3
  • Hironobu T.:“Thank you again for the fun broadcast. In this broadcast, the song that left a deep impression on me was “Liisa Pehmes Süles” and “Quand La Vie Fait Mal”. Both songs were wonderful with gorgeous guitar tones and clear female voices. For me, those two songs were very fresh. I was able to spend a fulfilling time. thank you very much. I look forward to the next broadcast.”I was telling Masahiro that those songs were great just a moment ago! 😀
  • Hirokazu M.:“My knowledge of Nordic pop music is poor, so finding my favorite songs through your program is one of my pleasures. The song that left the biggest impression on me this time is April’s “54321”.”It’s a pleasure to introduce people to new music, I’m pleased you liked our monthly dance choice 😀
  • Takuji S.:“This time as well, I listened to Northern European pop music, and thoroughly enjoyed the 30 minutes. Also, some music was downloaded from the internet after the broadcast.”It’s an amazing feeling to know you liked the music enough to download the songs, I hope you continue to enjoy our shows :3
  • Tatsuya S.:“I enjoyed the program 39. Rose san’s Japanese is good. I’m also expecting Japanese songs like program #37.”We’ve been tweaking our remit so expect some more Japanese songs in future shows 😀
  • Akio U.:“Hi! Roseanna! Thanks again for broadcasting in Japanese. I enjoyed the music of Northern Europe. I liked ”Quand La Vie Fait Mal” the best. I listen with great pleasure to your Japanese announcement, “This is a Japanese language program”. I applied to be your patreon today. I look forward to the next Japanese broadcast.”Thank you so so much for supporting our broadcasts! That song seems to have been the most popular one!
  • Hideo S.:“do you know Okinawa pops. It is a part of J-Pop, but very unique. You can hear the sound of traditional acoustic guitar SANSHIN. Hope you enjoy it on YouTube.”I looked up Sanshin and I love it! What a beautiful instrument used in beautiful songs!
  • Sakaé O.:“how do you pronounce your nickname “Rose” ? Is it the same as flower Rose in English? or “Ro-zay” as I pressume Roseanna is pronounced like that in Norwegian.”I don’t mind too much! You can say ロセ、ロゼ、ロース etc… :3
  • Nobuya K.:“I was really surprised because Rose-san spoke Japanese very well. I suppose European people in general feel it very difficult to learn Japanese, but how did you study Japanese? Do you still study Japanese by yourself?”I studied Japanese by learning Kana, Studying Kanji on a website called “WaniKani”, Listening to NHK Shinyabin and watching Anime. I’ve also had assistance from some of our listeners who are really kind to offer ideas on how to speak!

We would like to confirm the reception reports for the Paochung broadcast from the following listeners:

Gakuji M., Reiwa S., Ding L., Fabrys S., Xu J., Akiyoshi T., John Z. A., MeiLin, Thomas D., Cen Z. X., Satoru N., Cai Y. P., Yoshio A., Masahiro K., Yoshinori T., Jun M., Zhenheng K., Tsuneyoshi T., Tatsuya O., Atsuhisa K., Kazuaki O., Shin M., Hirofumi Y., Koichiro K., Hironobu T., Hirokazu M., Akira M., Takuji S., Norihiko F., Tatsuya S., Hong Y., Babul G., Akio U., Hiromichi  K., Naoyuki C., Yuki O., Kenji H., Hideo S., Atsuhiko T., Sakaé O., Harumasa Y., Nobuya K. & Imai Y., Satoshi I., Toshiki M., Koji F., Hirofumi Y.

Thank you so much for all of your reception reports!

Below is our eQSL card from the RNEI-JP #39 broadcast for everyone to enjoy!

Thank you so much for tuning into RNEI-JP #39.
Til vi møtes igjen / また次回,
Ha det~ / またね~
– Rose