2022.05.06 RNEI Paochung “Big QSL” 大きい受信確認証です!


We don’t have the resources to email all of you individually with confirmation QSLs, so we thought we’d confirm your reception with this webpage instead, dedicated to all of our wonderful listeners!

Firstly, if you would like your name removed from this and future pages like it, please email us.
Now for the “Big QSL” (Apologies for using lots of English throughout this post. I will try and learn more Japanese!)

Here we would like to share some of our listeners’ comments and reply to them!

  • Reiwa S.:“Oha-konban-nichiwa! I am very happy to be able to hear you very well again. It was so exciting. I was able to enjoy a wonderful song again this time. Your Japanese is getting better. I’m looking forward to next month’s broadcast.”I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the show, looking forward to hearing from you again next time!
  • Hidemitsu M.:“As it seems like everything is in full bloom. the best part of spring is here. how is the weather at your place?? This is the most pleasant season of the year. May is the season of new green leaves.”The weather in April was quite dry and pleasant here. Leaves are growing :3
  • Hiroyuki A.:“Nostalgic “Stay with Me” reminded me of my good old days. Thank you for playing that song. Next time I would appreciate if you could play a funny Japanglish song called “Tokyo Bon” by Malaysian male singer Namewee. It’s a very funny song!”I love Stay with Me so much! I gave Tokyo Bon a listen and I’m going to have to include it in the next show (RNEI #45 or #46), I laughed a lot! Thank you so much for sharing it with me!
  • Tooru G.:“Miki Matsubara is a representative Japanese City Pop singer. “Midnight Door” was a hit song when I was in college(1980 lol). I was happy to hear it after a long time. What kind of Japanese hits will RNEI present to us next time?”I hope to surprise you all with new and exciting undiscovered songs from Japan 🙂
  • Shiji H.:“I was very moved to hear the English version of Midnight Door, which is rarely heard in Japan..”This cover version is quite popular on YouTube but sadly doesn’t get the airtime I feel it deserved which is why I had to play it!
  • Mikio K.:This time, I will send you some photos I taken.
    Carp streamer (Koi-nobori) Similar to May dolls, carp streamers are decorated in the shape of carp that are hung in the gardens of homes to pray for the healthy growth of boys. In the city where I live, wires are stretched on both banks of the river, and 500 carps are displayed here for an event. If you don’t mind, I would appreciate it if you could use one of these photos for your QSL.”I took one look at the picture and thought it was so beautiful! I have used it for the QSL card of this show!! Thank you so much for sending it in!
  • Masahiro K.:“I heard variety of pop songs on your program this evening. Everything was new to me. Above all LA Priest’s “It’s You” was really impressive, for it sounded just like music of Yukihiro Takahashi, a former member of Yellow Magic Orchestra, a Japanese techno pops legend, who passed away last January. Many of his songs are fusion of European pops and techo. That is why “It’s You” reminded me of Takahashi’s masterpieces.”I love YMO’s songs. Kimi ni mune kyun is probably my current favourite from them! It was so sad to hear of his passing in January 🙁
  • Sakaé O.:“”Stay with me” is my best favorite song, that used to be very popular in Japan during 1990s. I was really shocked when its original singer Miki Matsubara passed away young in 2004. “Nila’s Joik” – its lyric sounds like Japanese local folk song. Rose-san’s Japanese is getting more and more fluent. This time I was able to decode EasyDRF successfully. Thank you for your wonderful show, and I look forward to your next program to Japan.”It’s so sad when singers pass away so soon, Stay with Me is such a good song! I’m glad you liked the joik and managed to decode the data successfully! I’m working hard on my Japanese ^_^
  • Hironobu T.:“I was very happy to hear the broadcast this time. It’s spring holidays in Japan, and this broadcast was a wonderful present for me. All the songs that were broadcasted on the program were fresh and wonderful. I was able to spend a very fulfilling time. thank you very much. I am looking forward to the next broadcast.”It’s really lovely to read your comments, thank you so much for listening!
  • Fumihisa Y.:“In recent years, the number of shortwave broadcasts is shrinking year by year, and the number of international broadcasting stations is decreasing. Broadcasts from northern Europe, especially Japanese broadcasts, are very welcome and valuable for us Japanese shortwave listeners. I am very grateful. Please continue broadcasting in the future.”It is really sad that there are so few broadcasts left. We’ll try our best to keep broadcasting into the future!
  • Norihiko I.:“I am very glad that you played “Tokimeki” today, the song nominated for Eurovision Song Contest 2023 From Estonia.”I’m glad you liked it, I found it so fun ^_^
  • Takuji S.:“I was able to analyze the MSFK64 “piro piro” sound with your app. On the other hand, what kind of method should be used to analyze the digital noise-like sound that flows at the end of a broadcast? Please let us know.” EasyDRF is the app to decode that data. It turns it into a webpage with the playlist and my comments!
  • Tatsuya S:“I enjoyed funky and cool music and decording MFSK and EasyDRF. But “Nila’s Joik *Sami*” is resembling with Japanese old folk song. … “Hokkai Bon uta”I just listened to Hokkai Bon Uta and it’s really beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with me :3
  • Hideo S.:“Najana’s song was very attractive and I got interested in Joik. I hear it is a very old way of singing in Europe. Her song sounds a Japanese shout in rowing a boat for me. “ Tokimeki ”is very cute. I hope the song would be a hit.”I hope Tokimeki becomes a hit too! Joik is a little like traditional Japanese singing!
  • Yuki O.:“This time, I was very happy to hear “Stay With Me”, which I like. Your Japanese talking skill is getting better with each iteration”I’m glad you liked that song and thank you for your kind comments on my Japanese ^_^
  • Toshihide I.:” I actually really enjoyed the program. The music played on the program were very much in keeping with the evening’s atmosphere in Japan (near Tokyo). It was also appreciated that some announcements in Japanese. I can imagine it was not so easy to make announcements in Japanese. Thanks for that. In these days, many programs broadcasted in short-wave have discontinued but we all Japanese listeners will appreciate it if the RNEI could consider to broadcast for Japanese occasionally.”It is quite difficult to understand and write Japanese, I have to have some help to check if what I say is understandable! We are trying to keep up once-a-month broadcasting to Japan in Japanese. I’m also really glad you liked the program! :3
  • Tatsuya O.:“I heard you are not feeling well. How are you doing now? I hope to listen to you in June. Take care of yourself!”Thankfully I’m doing much better now, thank you for the well wishes ^_^
  • Nobuya K.:“Thank you so much for nice songs of the Nordic countries. I have visited Denmark, Finland, but I have never visited Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. The summer is coming soon, and you will see the sun almost all days in these countries located in high latitude. I can hardly imagine such a situation as long as I live in Japan. So I hope I would be able to visit the northern part of Europe in the summer season in the future.”I’m so glad you liked the Nordic music! I hope you get the chance to visit Sweden, Norway and Iceland someday. I would love to travel north and experience a 24 hour day sometime!
  • Yoichi T.:“Here in Japan, the cherry blossom is already gone. But banksia roses are still blooming in my garden. Yes, already May. Thank you for the wonderful songs. The first one was a cover of Japanese City Pop. Do you listen to city pop a lot? I was listening to Tatsuro Yamashita in my car today. Do you know him? My favorite songs in today’s selection are Pikekyss and LA Priest, but Najana surprised me the most. It sounded like a Japanese traditional folk song. I look forward to hearing your Japanese and the wonderful songs that you choose again. Sorry for terrible English. Thank you. またね.(^^)”Banksia Roses look so pretty! I do listen to a lot of City Pop, I love it so much! I have heard of Tatsuro Yamashita, I belive I might have heard one of his songs on Radio Joystick (7330kHz in Europe)! I’m glad you liked the music selection this show, your English is good 🙂 またね~^_^

We would like to confirm the reception reports for the Paochung broadcast from the following listeners:

Reiwa S., Akiyoshi T., Hidemitsu M., Satoru N., Satoru N., Hiroyuki A., Yutaka S., Mr. MeiLin, Akihiko S., Akira T., John D., Tooru G., Charn C., Seiji H., John Z. A., Mikio K., Hiromichi K., Norihiko F., Thomas D., Masahiro K., Tomio Y., Sakaé O., Yugo O., Hironobu T., Atsuhisa K., Yoshinori T., Fumihisa Y., Iwao N., Hirokazu M., Akio U., Hideki O., Norihiko I., Takuji S., Dohgomori K., Naoyuki C., Kazuaki O., Shin A., Satoshi I., Tatsuya S., Takao O., Koichiro K., Toshiki M., Hideo S., Kenji H., Yuki O., Toshihide I., Tatsuya O., Nobuya K., Hirofumi Y., Yoichi T. & Masao K.

Thank you so much for all of your reception reports!

Below is our QSL card from the RNEI-JP #40 broadcast for everyone to enjoy! 下はEベリーカードです!

Thank you so much for tuning into RNEI-JP 40. みんなはありがとうございました。
Til vi møtes igjen / また次回,
Ha det~ / またね~
– Rose