2022.06.10 RNEI Paochung “Big QSL” 大きい受信確認証です!


We don’t have the resources to email all of you individually with confirmation QSLs, so we thought we’d confirm your reception with this webpage instead, dedicated to all of our wonderful listeners!

Firstly, if you would like your name removed from this and future pages like it, please email us.
Now for the “Big QSL” (Apologies for using lots of English throughout this post. I will try and learn more Japanese!)

We apologise about the technical issues and delays to this broadcast, hopefully those are over now? Our fingers are crossed! Due to the issues, not too many people heard this broadcast so this page is a little shorter than the others, hopefully next show we’ll be back to normal!

Here we would like to share some of our listeners’comments and reply to them!

  • Tooru G.:“How are you feeling? Please do not overdo it. Many shortwave listeners want RNEI’s Japanese programming to become a fixture, but we understand that Rose’s health is very important. On June 10’s program, I felt that your Japanese has improved a lot. I like your polite way of speaking. Irregular schedules are also OK, so please take care of yourself and continue broadcasting in Japanese.”Hi Tooru-san, I’m feeling a lot better recently. Hopefully we can get back to a regular schedule now!
  • Noboru H.:“RNEI, thank you for broadcasting in Japanese. The monthly broadcast is a festival all over Japan. Good reception until the end! Thank you for including Japanese songs. I couldn’t listen to the previous broadcast due to some trouble, but the attention was further increased and the whole of Japan was excited. I’m looking forward to the next broadcast! I wish you all the best.”I’m so happy you all enjoy the show so much and hope you continue to enjoy the shows into the future ^_^
  • Ding L.:“日本や国に放送されているRNEIの音S番がとても好きです。この番では、北欧や日本の音Sがたくさんけますね。将来、中国に番を放送して、中国の音Sを放送してほしいです。また、RNEIののQSLカドが手に入ることを望んでいます。ありがとうございます!”I’m so glad you like the show! I’ll be looking for more Chinese pop tunes to play as well 🙂
  • Masahiro K.:“Hello, and I am glad you are back on the air, Rose-san. I hope you have recovered your health completely.(But if you have not, please keep taking care and do not strain yourself too much.) I am happy to get a chance to tune in to RNEI-JP #41 and write to you again. … I enjoyed listening to hot popular songs on your pleasant program. Especially “Day by Day”, the opening jazzy song really popped. Actually we have just entered the rainy season here, but the song made me feel as if it blew away the muggy atmosphere! I love it, too.”I have recovered my health, thank you for your well wishes! I loved Day by Day so much when I first heard it, I feel jazzy music like that is so fun! I’m glad it made the atmosphere feel better too :3
  • Tatsuya O.:“Program # 41 was a little different from your previous radio shows. I enjoyed a pop music in Taiwan. … I think that a lot of Japanese listeners listen to RTI’s Japanese program and enjoy Taiwanese pop music.”That’s great to hear! I was hoping people would like the Taiwanese jazz song ^_ ^
  • Atsuhisa K.:“I enjoyed your Japanese language transmission also in this week. The popular songs were very nice for me. Would you please continue this Japanese language broadcasting also from now on.”I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it! I’m hoping to continue it well into the future!
  • Tatsuya S.:“I enjoyed the program RNEI-JP #41. I didnt know Emi Aramaki who is active in Europe. But after listening her song via your program, I like her music. Thanks for many Japanese songs. I’m looking forward to the next program. Thank you very much.”I’m really pleased to be able to introduce you to a new artist 😀 I hope you enjoy the next program ^_^
  • Satoshi I.:“I think your broadcast is now popular among the shortwave listeners, and your broadcast format is getting good. (For example, your station ID in Japanese) Many listeners send the opinions for your broadcast, and your broadcast will be better. In Japan, June is rainy season, and real summer will start around the middle of July.”I’m glad you like the station IDs! I hope you have a good summer after the rainy season!

We would like to confirm the reception reports for the Paochung broadcast from the following listeners:

Fabrizio S., Tooru G., Timm B., JohnZ.A., Peter L., Thomas D., Noboru H., Ding L., Masahiro K., Tatsuya O., Atsuhisa K., Shinya H., Tatsuya S., Hironobu T., Satoshi I., Takuji S. & Timofeyev U.

Below is our QSL card from the RNEI-JP #41 broadcast for everyone to enjoy! 下はEベリーカードです!

Thank you so much for tuning into RNEI-JP #41. みんなはありがとうございました。
Til vi møtes igjen / また次回,
Ha det~ / またね~
– Rose