We are Radio Northern Europe International; the only shortwave radio show dedicated to playing music from Norway 🇳🇴 , the UK 🇬🇧 , Ireland 🇮🇪 , Denmark 🇩🇰 , Sweden 🇸🇪 , Finland 🇫🇮 and Iceland 🇮🇸 to the world!
We make a 30 minute show giving listeners a musical journey of lesser-known music originating from Northern Europe in differing languages and styles for our international audience.
We prefer to play music from smaller artists over big artists so that our international audience can enjoy music they’ve never heard before and discover something new!

Being a show on shortwave, we operate quite differently from conventional / domestic radio stations. Our show is sent off to transmission providers in Germany (Channel 292), America (WRMI), Asia (Paochung), Australia (Unique Radio) and New Zealand / Aotearoa (World FM). Below is a map showing where our signals can be picked up:

  • WRMI broadcasts consist of 3 separate weekly broadcasts in different directions covering South America, North America, the Middle East and Northern Europe meaning each show will be played on that transmitter 4 times a month.
  • Channel 292 airs our show a few times a month for different locations.
  • Paochung plays our Japanese-language version of the show once a month and is received all over the Pacific region.
  • Unique Radio plays RNEI weekly.
  • World FM New Zealand plays RNEI once a week going between 3 different times.

We get lots of emails from people from all over the world! Here is a map of all the different places our listeners were when they listened to us in 2020:

We predict each show will get between 100 and 2000 live over-the-air listeners and we average about 25 listeners on different on demand platforms.
You can expect to be noticed by a few people if they like your music and you get bragging rights about being on ‘international radio’!
We’ve also worked our hardest to make our audio sound good over shortwave. Being a narrowband mono medium that relies on bouncing off of the sky, it usually sounds very poor but we have developed a stereo over mono technology among many other improvements to have our signal sound like this when used with our decoder:

Our sound engineer’s demo of our broadcast’s sound quality

When we find a lesser known song we want to play we like to talk to the artist / management and make an intro jingle with them, here are some examples we’ve done:

An intro from Vionavega
An intro from Moonsine
An intro from Beni Holm

We hope you have fun working with us!
– Roseanna