1. 15th of February: Our first broadcast at 19UTC on 6070kHz including embedded MFSK data in music and seamless music transitions.
    7th of March: First episode of This is an Express Music Show airs via RNEI on Channel 292. First MFSK image. Our first talkbed (Jakubi – Can’t Afford It All).
    19th of March: Test broadcasts for our custom audio processing settings.
    30th of March: Rose thinks of a janky stereo idea and Daz works out a way it could work and creates the Comb Stereo system we have used ever since.
    April: First sonic photo / waterfall image.
    17th of April: RNEI starts broadcasts on Unique Radio and experiments with psuedo-AM using offset SSB & a pilot carrier.
    June: First use of K391 – Solstice as our talkbed
    July: Testing data above 5kHz.
    August: Testing PSK500R data.
    30th of August: Our first Radio Onda broadcast.
    September: Started experimenting with HamDRM data modes with Easypal. Our first artist-intro was aired.
    November: Olivia data under every track as a “now playing” experiment. First multi-langue-mix.
    December: Started using WinDRM. First Animated HTML Playlist .
  2. 25th of February: Daz starts tweaking WinDRM’s code which creates EasyDRF as we know it today.
    March: Stephen joins the team to present a 15 minute feature on WRMI shows.
    28th of March: Test transmission from Yerevan.
    April: Mamma joins the team to present a mostly-metal feature on WRMI shows.
    9th of September: EasyDRF gets RS error correction to make the animated playlists reliable!
  3. 3rd of March: First official RNEIxtra for WRMI broadcasts.
    2nd of June: First Japanese music RNEIxtra from Rose.
    4th of June: Our test from Nauen.
    8th of August: RNEIxtra introducing Radio Carpathia.
    November 2022: Radio Catface fills in for Mamma’s feature.
  4. 4th of February: First test transmission of RNEI-JP from Paochung.
    23rd of July: We made a cover show for 16 Gwendoline Street.
    3rd of August: RNEIxtra introducing DK Radio & TIA(E)MS steps down from presenting to move to Japan.
    10th of August: DK Joins the team to take over TIAMS’s WRMI slot alongside Radio Carpathia!
    September: Mamma and DK replace TIAEMS on Channel 292 broadcasts.