Here at Radio Northern Europe International we take your privacy and data protection very seriously. 🙎

When you send in an email to us, your email is automatically processed using Protonmail’s encryption system which protects your details from being seen by anyone aside from us.
We then read your email and we put, into an encrypted spreadsheet, your country, name, city, SINPO rating and comments on our broadcasts so we can clearly see the data. We use the data in this spreadsheet to track (e)QSL responses and to make our listener and reception maps.
We also download any attachment and store them on a local drive. The contents of this local drive are encrypted before being backed up to Google Disk.

Your data may be hosted:
Anonymised on a server in Norway (maps on, On a server in the UK (encrypted spreadsheet, email attachements and Anonymised maps on, in cloudflare’s CDN (Anonymised RNEI maps), encrypted backups on Google Drive and encrypted on email servers in Switzerland.

Why we want your data:
We use your provided location and SINPO ratings to map out how and where our broadcasts are heard around the world and publish anonymised maps showing this.
We retain your feedback to understand what people did and didn’t like about our broadcasts.
We retain your name and address for future (e)QSL card writing and working out station loyalty.
We keep your original reception reports to reference in the future should we have incorrectly entered information on out spreadsheet.

You have the right to:
Revoke our permission to use your full details in our spreadsheets,
Ask to not be included in anonymised maps,
Have us to delete anything containing your personal details,
Withdraw consent to us holding your data at any time,
Have us delete all your data submitted to us.

You can request any of these at admin [at]