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Brace yourselves for lots of charts and graphs 🙂

Our next chart shows genre balance of our musical choices on the main show (excluding Mamma’s Mest Metal and Stephens Feature) in 2022:


Next we shall have a look at our expenses over the course of 2022 starting with the cost of the music we’ve played on RNEI (Rose and Mamma’s shows):


Next we’ll have a look at our broadcast expenses over the past year:

The final graph on costs will be the total cost per month including the QSL cards, broadcast, email & web server, music and extras:

Next we shall have a look at listener interaction with RNEI over the course of 2021.

And lastly we will look at which broadcasts achieved the most engagement from our listeners:

If you’d like to support RNEI, we have a Patreon over at Patreon.com/rnei. If we raise enough money we can start re-instating the broadcasts we have sadly currently had to cut!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the statistics and inside information into our station in this report and we hope you continue to listen to RNEI with us throughout 2022!

We wish you a fantastic holiday season,