RNEI’s Annual Report for 2022

Hei alle sammen,

It’s finally that time again where we breakdown our music selection from the previous year as well as the cost of running RNEI in the form of some interesting graphs. Lets go!

Compared to 2021, we’ve managed to increase the diversity in our output per country in a noticeable way. We still need to work on the Swedish bias but the Norwegian bias has certainly shrunk a considerable amount. We’ll work even more to continue to bring everyone music from a wider range of Northern European countries over 2023!

Our next graphs show the genre balance of our music choices on Rose’s show (excluding Mamma’s Mest Metal and Stephens Feature) in 2022 compared to 2021:

We’re very pleased to see that we have considerably increased the amount of smaller artists that get airtime on RNEI compared to 2021. We’ve also loved working with quite a few of them to make some fantastic intros over the years too! We hope this continues into 2023.

Next is the scary graph: Looking at all of our expenses over the course of 2022 starting with the cost of the music we’ve played on RNEI (from Rose and Mamma’s shows) and our broadcast expenses:

The Ace Attorney album cost us quite a bit of money for RNEIxtra #5 because it is a rare CD that had to be imported from Japan. We also spent a considerable amount running a 15 minute test broadcast to see if Nauen was a good choice for airing RNEI to Asia. Sadly the results were not good enough to justify the high costs involved in renting Nauen for broadcasting to Asia.

This next graph shows the total cost of running RNEI per show / month including QSL cards, broadcasts, email & web servers, music costs and extras:

Rose still is paying for the majority of RNEI’s costs with help from our presenters. We stand by our mission to be a not for profit community focused station. We make sure all money donated is spent on station improving projects like the WRMI expansion, Paochung broadcasts and more!
If you’d like to support RNEI, we have a Patreon over at Patreon.com/rnei.
2023 is going to be a very difficult year for us with renting Paochung for 7 months to expand into Japan over the summer. If we raise enough through Patreon, we will be able to keep these broadcasts going otherwise they will have to be cancelled. If Paochung broadcasts end and broadcast fees increase more, we might have to reduce broadcasting frequencies to America and / or Europe or find another part of the station to make cost savings. Hopefully we can get enough support to make 2023 a “successful” year (aka not loosing more than 100/month)!

Lastly we shall have a look at listener interaction with RNEI over the course of 2021.

Sadly we failed to market the station like usual over 2022 so listener communication was worse than it should have been. We also have had trouble responding to QSL requests which discourages listeners from emailing us. We are working hard to fix that and improve our communication over 2023.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the statistics and inside information into our station in this report and we hope you continue to listen to RNEI with us throughout 2023!

We wish you a great rest of 2023 and look forward to writing the 2023 annual report,