This is Daz, with a special RNEI20 announcement. Since Rose never wrote one, I wrote this for her. 🙂

Hei alle,

Sorry I’ve been too slack/distracted/busy lately to update my site with the new RNEI #20 program announcement.

The first broadcast of RNEI #20 is due over FOUR weeks ago.. So I guess that means you missed all your chances to hear it, unless you tuned in anyway!

RNEI #20 for August featured:

  • Some great music from Sweden (no, it wasn’t ABBA – but soon it might be!)
  • More great music from Iceland (no, it wasn’t Bríet – but it should have been!)
  • Even more great music from the Faroe Islands, Sweden, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Ireland! (yeah, you thought I was going to say Sweden again, didn’t you!)
  • And some bonus great music segments from M³ Mamma and Stephen on WRMI! (But if you’re in Europe, you’d have heard “This Is An Express Music Show” instead!)

RNEI #20 also contained some MFSK playlist data, as well as an animated HTML playlist coded by Daz and sent in Ham-DRM format – featuring a funky CSS background!

Is that too many exclamation marks? No, I don’t think so – here’s a few more!!! 😄

Wishing you well,
Roseanna (Actually Daz)