Radio Northern Europe International Show #1 On-Demand and reception

Hello everybody!

RNEI show 1 has been broadcast and is now available on demand in stereo!

Note: Some advert blocking plugins / tools are known to block the Mixcloud player, you may need to disable yours to listen!

We’ve received a great number of receptions reports, wonderful feedback and suggestions for the first broadcast which have been greatly appreciated!
With the data provided, we’ve made a rough map of reception reports for the 15th of February, 2020 show:

Map of reception with colour coded SINPO rating

And a rough map of listeners:

Map of listeners

We don’t have the funds to give everyone a QSL card sadly! They have been reserved for the most impressive reception / listener loyalty / best feedback. We hope this is an understandable compromise!
We have quite a few eQSLs to write so do not worry, you haven’t been forgotten, every reception report will be replied to in time!