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Radio Northern Europe International March 2020 reception map

Hello everyone,
Just like for show #1 we have a reception map for show #2 to share with you all!
In March we had over 25 reception reports to help us create this map, we appreciate each reception report that comes in and it helps us know where our broadcasts are heard as well as knowing what people think of them.

The most liked song from show #2 seemed to be Mitt Skinn och Ben by Sofia Jannok!

and without any further ado, here is the map:

Radio Northern Europe International Show #1 On-Demand and reception

Hello everybody!

RNEI show 1 has been broadcast and is now available on demand in stereo!

Note: Some advert blocking plugins / tools are known to block the Mixcloud player, you may need to disable yours to listen!

We’ve received a great number of receptions reports, wonderful feedback and suggestions for the first broadcast which have been greatly appreciated!
With the data provided, we’ve made a rough map of reception reports for the 15th of February, 2020 show:

Map of reception with colour coded SINPO rating

And a rough map of listeners:

Map of listeners

We don’t have the funds to give everyone a QSL card sadly! They have been reserved for the most impressive reception / listener loyalty / best feedback. We hope this is an understandable compromise!
We have quite a few eQSLs to write so do not worry, you haven’t been forgotten, every reception report will be replied to in time!