RNEI 11 & RNEI 12’s (Late) announcement

Hei all,

I’ve been working so hard on RNEI I’ve completely forgotten to update the website to the point Daz wrote a comedy announcement while I’ve been so slow!!

Me and Daz have worked very hard on RNEI 11 and we are both very proud of it!
This month’s music featuers:

  • A brand new song from a famous English 90s group.
  • The return of BRÍET with her latest song.
  • A former tango dancer from Finland treating us to some great Finish pop this week!
  • Some Welsh Indie Rock, people are loving this one!
  • My pick of SR P4’s Nästa selection with a song by Re:Bond.
  • Anna of the North returning with an amazing cover of a Cher classic.
  • A 4 song Danish dance music mix to finish off the show!

And this month’s digital features:

  • HamDRM (Easypal / WinDRM etc..) at the end of the show with an amazing self-rendering SVG animation painstakingly coded by Daz!
  • Olivia 8-250 data above 5K (centred on 5300Hz) throughout the show
  • PSK1000R playlist embedded in the final song, PSK seems to be a good enough mix of a 60%+ decode and being fast and minimally intrusive.

This month’s TIAEMS is, as always, something I’ve enjoyed a lot and am excited to put into the broadcast!

Now the exciting bit, We are hoping to have RNEI 12 as a Christmas special that’ll broadcast sometime near Christmas on Channel 292 as a separate 30 minute broadcast and replace the repeat of an old show on WRMI, it’s going to be a blast with some proper Christmas cheese! Crossed fingers I get it finished in time!

Broadcasting times and dates are all up in the air for now, World FM, WRMI and Radio Onda are generally stable, Channel 292 is being worked out for Winter, no point securing a slot under CRI haha!

Wishing you all the best,
– Roseanna