Radio Northern Europe International Show #21 Announcement

Hei alle sammen,

I’ve been so busy working on the latest show that I forgot to post the announcement for show #20! (Daz has even written an unofficial announcement haha!)
Hopefully this show will make up for that 🙂

RNEI 21 is going to feature:

  • Swedish music from Julia Adams and Julia Alfrida
  • Some Icelandic Synth-Punk :O
  • A very fun Finnish song from Jenni & Juho
  • Andreas Odbjerg brings us some Danish music
  • A bop of a song from Faroese artist High Moon
  • 2 songs from our traditional artist this month; Maxida Märak. The second one is special 😉
  • has picked an amazing song of the month for September 2021 and it is our pleasure to bring it to you 🙂
  • A really pretty song to end the show from Norwegian artist Kristin!
  • PSK1000R Data (yep, I’ve gone mad this month!) inside the last song
  • Wide stereo songs that should sound great in Comb Stereo
  • For people listening on WRMI or On-Demand:
    • Mamma’s Mest Metal bringing you some amazing metal tracks this month
    • Stephen’s Feature which this month is on Eivør
    • Daz’s HamDRM Data (Decoder here)
    • ABBA’s Latest Single (It happened!) which means song 1&2 are going to be shortened on WRMI broadcasts
  • For people listening on Channel 292 or Radio Onda
    • You will hear This is an Express Music Show for September 2021
    • Daz’s HamDRM Data (Decoder here)
    • ABBA’s Latest Single (It happened!) which means song 1&2 are going to be shortened on Channel292 & Radio Onda broadcasts
Our broadcast targets for RNEI #21
Day of MonthTimeFrequencyAz
Sunday 5th11:00 UTC6070KHzND
Saturday 11th19:00 UTC9670KHz158°
Friday 17th21:00 UTC9670KHz80°
Sunday 26th11:00 UTC9670KHz332°
Sunday 26th05:00 UTC6140KHzND
Every Thursday01:00 UTC5850KHz315°
Every Thursday01:00 UTC7780KHz44°
ND = non directional. Click the ° to see details. The colour of
AZ matches the map prediction.

We have found that 158° has a good signal in South Eastern and Northern Europe, 80° has a signal in Brazil and surrounding areas as well as Portugal & Spain and 332° is good between Ukraine and Italy. These happen because there is some backbeam with these directional antennas so give them a go and see what happens!
Also keep an eye on our announcements for extra broadcasts!

If you miss the show you can always catch up on demand and, if you prefer to only hear our music, we have Spotify Playlists of each show usually published after the first broadcast!

We hope you enjoy the show and look forward to receiving your feedback,